Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Fifty Two of Super Summer 2011

Day Fifty Two of Super Summer 2011

Ahh silly string is always fun isn't it? Adam got attacked at Hannah's party today and loved every minute of it.
It was a nice day out and Adam got to swim. play on the trampoline and toss water balloons.
Me, Nana, I got to hold the baby
After the party we hit the grocery store, we needed some supplies for the upcoming week, you know important stuff like pizza rolls, potato chips, little debbie snacks, waffles and watermelon. I did get a few healthy things too, like some milk, and cheese and meat. LOL

Looks like rain and thunder storms for the next few days so not sure what we will be doing. I am sure we can find something fun.

With that I'll end this blog post with a Happy Birthday to Hannah Rose who turned 10 this weekend.

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