Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Fifty Three of Super Summer 2011

Day Fifty Three of Super Summer 2011

Boy this summer is going by so fast. We didn't do too much today, just stayed around the house in the central air and played on the Wii. Later I brought Adam over to his dads so I could go to my support group meeting.

After the meeting I watched Adam play Mario Cart on his DS and then we played with the camera on my iPad. The above is the thermal shot he took. And here is a moasic of a few others he took of us together. 

I could fill this blog post up with all the pictures he took. I think my 64gb are gonna go fast the way he uses this thing, LOL.

Naturally we are ending the night with Wipeout and a snack. Tonight's choice was Birthday Cake flavored ice cream. Just for Adam though, I am a chocolate only kind of girl, that fancy stuff doesn't interest me at all.

I am tired so hopefully we will be in bed soon. Tomorrow I hope the DR clears me to go swimming again. If he does guess where the blog photos will come from tomorrow??? :-)

Adios Amigos

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