Friday, September 14, 2007

TGIF, and Thank God for Everyday

Well today I thought since summer is almost over I'd high lite some of Adam's pool adventures. One of my favorite pictures is the one of Adam and his Dad (My son Joe) in the sunglasses. I have that in an 8X10.

Adam is sitting here with me now so this probably won't be as long as some of the other posting days.

He fell asleep last night at around 7:30, and at 3am I felt him crawling in bed with me. it was cold so I was going to let him stay there. I pulled the blanket off the top of my bed to cover us up with. he was sleeping still but I was uncomfortable so I was still awake, and then I felt something on my arm.

OK do you all remember the spider that crawled under my bed a few days ago? Well he
re-appeared on my arm (OK maybe it was a new spider but I chose to be a little delusional and say it was the same one) I couldn't see it, it was dark. My other had landed right on it and killed it, then picked it up, there was a big enough body left to pick up (that alone freaked me out, you all know spider shrink when dead, why is that anyway, are they full of air or something?)and I tossed it towards the dog. Now sleeping is far from me, that's for sure. I felt thousands of things on me then.

I got up to go to the bathroom and Adam came running in there almost scared the, well you now what, out of me. We came back to the living room and he was asking for me to out on Blues Clues, I said um, not until morning. So I put him back on the couch and he went back to sleep.

I prayed and after maybe an hour I fell asleep again, and then I had a terrible nightmare. I woke up rebuking that thought, it was awful. When I would close my eyes again I found myself going back to the dream to see what happened at the end, and waking up saying NO I don't want to go there.

Yeah I am gonna be tired today.

Maybe my mind is muddied up because Dick and Danielle are in the final two, LOL.

I did knit 2 more Feather and Fan dishcloths yesterday. And I hope to do at least two more today. Because I am making the smaller cloths it looks like I can get 4 from a ball. I like that alot.

Well I think I will go get breakfast for me and the Bubba... I am thinking cereal this morning.

Have a wonderful day, I'll be back tomorrow.

Aunt Kathy


Katie O said...

how many stitches are you using for the smaller fan and feathers? i'm making spa kits for my fam for christmas and I'd like to give them a few sizes of stuff... maybe a small one for a face cloth!! thanks!! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

yuk I hate spiders. I feel for you. I am sure I will start finding them inside now too cuz we are suppose to have a killing frost tonight. Hard to believe, its only Sept. Got all my babies (plants) covered and in the garage cuz I am not ready to give them up.
Wishing sweet dreams for tonight.

Mary Ann said...

Good grief, I would have been wide awake for awhile after that. You poor thing!

I'm really tired tonight because my dd tired me out today. After my WI and lunch, we went up to Ocala to get haircuts. The girl my dd wanted to do our hair didn't have an opening until 5, so we ended up walking around the mini mall. My right knee is still sore, so this exercise wore me out. She treated me to a frothy drink with mango, and we sat down. Then it started to pour rain! It was 4, so we still had an hour to get back to the beauty shop. When the rain stopped, we headed for the shop. After our haircuts, we went to WalMart to get some hair dye. The girls have talked me into dying my hair again, and my friend thinks it's a good idea.

I'm going back to putting my sore leg up. I think I tore a tendon in back of my knee. It's going to take awhile to heal.

Enjoy your weekend. If I get online, I'll stop in to say hello.

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