Friday, September 28, 2007

Court is OVER


Well court lasted about 3 hours. Joe (my son) did go even though he had no sleep in over 24 hours. Adam has not been removed from the house. They will however observe them for a year, and pending no further major injuries etc. this will be all over, finally.

Poor baby though is still having trouble going to the bathroom. He is just waking up from a very short nap, crying. It hurts him so bad. I keep feeding him apple juice but it hasn't kicked in yet.

I am glad this is over for now, though. It was way too stressful for me. He is such a part of our lives.

On the knitting front... I am making a couple dishcloths for some people on the Weight Watcher thread, we have a little monthly challenge going and the winner gets a free gift. I decided to make the Oak leaf dishcloth pattern, from knitting pattern central. I have one done and another one started. Since the month is almost over I figured I had better get stared pretty quick, so I had to set aside the lacy top I was working on. But I did take a picture of the lacy top on the needles, here is my beginning, the link is also attached, in case you want to try it yourself, LOL.

Sue, the box from you arrived yesterday afternoon. I am so blessed by your giving spirit. The cotton yarn is awesome, and just what I was needing. I had several variegated colors but no solids except hot orange, now I can do up some of those picture cloths I have been saving until I could get some solid colors. Thank you so much, I will in turn repay the gift to another, you can count on that.

Still getting things together for my blog contest Starting October 1st. I thought I'd mention another contest I cam across yesterday, it only runs until October 3rd, but she has a beautiful basket of yarn as the prize. Here is her blog address...

I guess that's all the update from my end, can;t wait to hear all about your day.

See you in the morning with more...

PS Thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts about Adam. It really meant alot to me. More then you will ever know.


Lil Knitter said...

YAY! Doing the happy glad everything went well. I think Adam is right where he belongs. I sure hope the juice kicks in soon...he will feel so much better when it does. The top is looking very pretty...eager to see it as it progresses. Off to do some yucky housework so I can knit some more...Hugs!

Wendy said...

Try pear juice is actually not that good for the problem. I have to give both of my kids Benefiber at least once a week to keep them from having problems. They get 1 tbsp in a 1/2 cup of juice (that way I know they will drink it all) then they can have something else to drink of their choice. It is all natural and that way if they don't get the fiber in their meals and snacks they get some there. I also give them 1 tums every other day to make sure they are getting their calcium intake.

I am so very glad to hear everything went so well today.......I have been checking in off and on all day to hope to hear from you.........YA......

Oh by the way another quick fix, that I do not have to use on William anymore (thank God) is glycerin suppositories. I t is not a pleasant thing to do, but when he was not going I had to help him some way and the doctor told me about them. It would usually work within 30 minutes, sometimes sooner.
Have a great day and thanks for the blog link...........I love blogs (and contests)

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