Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Staying in the habit of daily blogging

Need a laugh this morning? Laughter sure is the best medicine.

It's church night for me, and boy do I need that mid-week FIX. That's what I call it. Sunday was awesome but by Wednesday the world has started to creep back in and I need a little boost to get through the rest of the week.

Adam I think comes tomorrow, not sure. Maybe they will wait until Friday since I had him so many days last week. His birthday is in about a week, he will be three. I was just looking at some of the pictures from when he was born, he was 11 weeks early and only 3 pounds. I will probably post some of those early pictures next week, building up from birth to 3 years old. Ya think I am a proud Grandma (Nana) or whatever he decides to call me. He does call my house "Grandma's House" but I think it's just a name like the "Library". Sometimes he calls me Mum or Mom not sure which one he means, but usually he doesn't call me anything. Now my husband is PAPA, no doubt about that.

Still working on the pocket scarf I am making for my niece. It's just a plain knit stitch but I am using the Lion Suede Burgundy color. When it's long enough I am going to fold up about 4" on each end and sew them into a pocket. She can use them to hold her phone, keys, debit card etc. and even her hands if she wants this winter. I had my sister try it out last night and I need about 12 more inches I think.

Jim called yesterday (my son that is in Chicago) I am in NY just in case I never mentioned that, lol, looks like he has orientation tonight for a job finally, hopefully he will have enough hours to make about $200.00 a week. That's what he figures he needs to survive, of course more money would be great too. He said classes have started and they are ok, except maybe one. He is an undergrad, and everyone else in the class are grad students (not sure what all that means but I am guessing he's like a freshman and they are seniors??)He said he was a little intimidated, because here in his old school he was a big fish in a little pond and now he is... and I thought he would say a little fish in a big pond, but instead he said... I am a BIG fish in a BIG pond. LOL. I was thrilled to see he still thought of himself as a BIG fish. That was encouraging to me.

It's a little chilly here this morning, I think I might go make some oatmeal for breakfast.

Thanks for all the {{{HUGS}}} yesterday, they were so appreciated. I hate it when I seem down, I like to try to show JOY always, as a Christian I have so much to be Joyful about.

You are all wonderful, and I am so glad we have become friends.

Aunt Kathy


Katie O said...

its great to 'hear'(read) the joy in your voice again... weird how you can start to tell a lot about someone, just from their typing!!! Enjoy your "fix" this week. Still look forward to your blog each day!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, Sounds like the mood has passed. Isn't it amazing how quickly kids grow up? Adam is so cute. I'm sure you really enjoy him. I often wish that my grandkids were closer so that I could see them more often. You are very lucky.

It looks like money is going to get even tighter around here. I won't go into details, but it's really got me down. I blame my dh for not keeping copies of different things even after I've repeatedly told him that he needs to do it. Now we need that proof and don't have it because of his failure to make copies! I often wonder when all the scraping to get by will end. I'm really getting tired of it.

Ok, enough of my gripping to you. Sorry! I'm off to work on the baby afghan.

Have a great day!

SimplyMe said...


Raspberries to you!

love the laughs, love the memories of Adam being born (or I'd never had had the guts to call you that first time) and I love the sounds of the scarf. She's gonna love it

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day. Glad things are brightening up for you though. Sometimes I think the bad days are just to get our attention to turn towards our Lord and see just how much we need Him in our lives.
When is Adams Bday? My grandson Nathan was born 9-12 he will be turning 4. He told his mom that he wants damma Laure (thats what I am called) for his birthday because he hasn't seen much of me this summer. Made me sad I have just been so busy this summer and I miss my boys. Starting next week though I will be watching him and Michael 1 day a week and I am looking forward to it.
Ok enough hope your tomorrows bring you sunshine. And remember even christians have sad times even though we don't want them.

Debbie said...

Remember the saying If God brings you to it he will bring you through it, Isn't that the truth, Always hold your head high

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