Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's the Weekend already??

Guess what I am gonna be doing today??? Probably not knitting, LOL

I have about 300 socks to match (Hey Shelly am I at your house and don't know it? LOL)Actually I don't mind matching socks, I like doing things that when you start seem like it will never end but as you go along the to do pile gets smaller and the completed pile gets bigger. It makes me feel like I actually did something. I also don't mind folding clothes either. I like to fold them neatly and with no wrinkles, I am a perfectionist at heart. My husband sometimes will fold towels, thinking he is helping me, but he just flops them over so they are not even and they are lumpy. I can't stand it, I go in the bathroom and re-fold them almost every time. I know I am pathetic.

So yesterday I was sitting on my bed knitting when suddenly I saw a black carpenter ant, the first one all year at least, and the darn thing crawled right over my mountain of a stomach. I tried to kill it but not sure if I got it or not, it was missing. So all day my eye was looking out for the ant. Then last night, I saw a spider crawling on the floor. I jumped up to get it but it was gone, under my bed. Ahhhhhhhh I hate creepy crawling things. I was almost afraid to go to sleep but I prayed that the spider would find and eat the ant and the dog would catch the spider. Hope it worked. No sign of either of them today. LOL

Jim called from Chicago yesterday. Still having trouble with his mail. He was getting it fine until about 10 days ago, it just stopped coming. He called the post office and they had him on hold for hours. He finally went down there and was told there was a hold on his mail but he had no reason why, and that they bundled up the 5" worth of stuff to be delivered. It still hasn't been delivered. He is so frustrated. It's tough being on your own.

Wendy, yeah our pets wake us up all the time, they have that internal schedule you know.

MaryAnn how is your leg? I hate falling. In fact I am terrified of falling. Even stepping down from a 2" curb I am very cautious.

Katie I so agree with you. Maybe Jamika will win. That would be the shock to the rest of the people left, ya think?

I have this horrible pain on the left side of my forehead. It almost feels like I bumped it, or bruised it, or burnt it... that type of pain, but there is no evidence of either. The pain goes from forehead to the side of my eye. I thought maybe I had my hair pulled too tight, but nope. {{{sigh}}} it's always something right?

Adam goes home tonight. I only have 3 diapers left so I guess that's a good thing, lol.

See you all tomorrow
Aunt Kathy
(from underneath a pile of un-matched socks)


Katie O said...

I just don't want the Donato's to win. Danielle is annoying and Dick is well....... not very nice... and a back stabber. Oh well... guess we'll see!!

Mary Ann said...

Good morning Kathy! I know what you mean about socks. When all the kids were home it was a real pleasure when I got them all to match, which wasn't often. They would have one left under their bed or in their closet, heaven only knew where the mates were! lol

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog yesterday! You're the only person who knows it's there! lol And I really appreciate your visiting, even though I don't write much. It's all new to me.

My left foot swelled up last night and gave me a lot of pain during the night. This morning the swelling is down and I have a bruise that extends from the outside of my foot up across the top, but not my ankle. It's kind of hard to walk I discovered when I took the dog out.

My dd, Denise, just came in and yelled at me for sitting here at the computer instead of having my foot elevated. So I guess I'd better get off of here.

Have a great day!

SimplyMe said...

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy....I could send you about 300 more, but in the whole pile, you'd prob. only find 10 pairs that matched. Sorry about your head. What WERE you doing in your sleep last night, hummmmmm? Jeff is out for the count on the couch, so here I sit trying to be quiet. Gotta love it!!! Now, we just need to convince Adam that he only needs 2 diapers today LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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