Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, primary day in NY

Good morning...

Isn't that banana just the cutest thing. I saw it on a blog somewhere, the pattern was free too, but it involved several double point needles so I quickly dismissed it, lol. I am askeered of double point needles.

Today is primary day in NY. I volunteer at the polls so I will be there from 11 to 9.
My husband and son work them too, so we will all be together today. We used to be in different polling sites but they condensed some this year and now we are all in the same building. Outta be fun.

Nice thing is I have plenty of time to knit or crochet. I haven't decided what to bring yet... probably a couple dishcloth cotton balls and maybe yarn to make a pink snake scarf, cause I think it's just the cutest thing.

I never did the slide shows yesterday, maybe tomorrow. This week is crazy already and it's only Tuesday.

I need to shower still, make a mini grocery list for food to bring to the polls and pack my supplies, can't forget important things like scissors or needles. LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, stay warm, knit until you smile, and be thankful that we have yet another day to spend with the ones we love.

See you Wednesday
Aunt Kathy


Wendy said...

Hope you have a very crafty day at the polls........I forgot to set the alarm, so we did not get up until 8:35 and Brooke was to be at school at 8:55...."Bad Momma" she said she forgives me. So my day will be thrown off track from what my plans were.
Have a blessed day........

Lil Knitter said...

Just wanted to come by and pay you a visit...it's been a while. Life gets crazy sometimes. I saw that little banana and thought he was too cute...I'm okay with dp needles but I am askeered of socks. lol Hope you have a wonderful day. Be back soon!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, Thank you for the nice comment on my site. I was going to call you tonight, but if you'll be at the polls until 9 I guess it would be too late. Plus you'll be tired.

Your banana is adorable!!

I sent you an email with my number and address. I would love to keep in touch with you. We have a package deal, so when the internet goes, so does the phone and tv!! Bummer!!

I didn't know that it was a poll day in NY.

I'm off to check on the clothes in the dryer. Dh carried them out for me and will carry them in again. We both needed clean clothes.

Take care and God Bless!! If I have internet, I'll check back tomorrow.

SimplyMe said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! that banana was well worth putting off bedtime!

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