Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Sunday, I love Sunday's

THERE IT IS... The Scarf.

Hannah modeled it for me just this morning... it was made for a taller woman, so I had to wrap it around her neck a few times, lol. She said it was choking her, but she still smiled for the camera. Always the professional, my Hannah. LOL

Hopefully you can see that the bottom ends have been folded up and sewed into a pocket with a button to close them. This is so Autumn can wear it in the winter and carry her cell phone or keys or her debit card in there and not lose them. It can also be un-buttoned and she can keep here hands in there for instant mittens while walking. I made it between 7 and 8 feet long, and it's probably 6" wide. I used the Lion Brand Suede and just knitted only so it was super easy to do. I think I used a size 10 1/2 circular and CO 25 stitches.

Anyway I am glad it's done and not a moment too soon, as the pastor of my sisters church is on his way down to the campus in Indiana after church today and will bring it to Autumn since her birthday is tomorrow. She will be 18.

I never did laundry yesterday. In fact I don't think I can even say what I did yesterday, except finishing that scarf, which was almost done anyway. Well Adam was here until 5pm so I must have played with him. Geez I am losing my mind.

"Papa" took Adam to the river yesterday and they threw in rocks and then went to the park, but they were only gone about an hour if that.

Well we leave for church in 30 minutes and I am still in my nightgown, yikes... I better get moving.

Have a great day,

{{{HUGS and PRAYERS}}}

Aunt Kathy


Janette said...

Good day Kathy..hopefully I wont' have to fight with this connection today.
the scarf looks great. Right now I'm working on christmas gifts...have a bunch of dishcloths made (still more to do) and am currently knitting a vest for my mom. WHen that is done I'm not sure what I'll be doing
I HATE spiders. I would rather go to the dentist (which is something I also don't like) rather than see a spider...shiver
I lost my mind quite awhile ago so you're not alone that. Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, Your scarf turned out really nice. Good job, I'm sure Hannah will love it.

My foot is feeling so much better today, but my knee is killing me! My dd says that it looks bruised behind my knee. Can you imagine such a thing? I have no clue how that happened unless it was when I was trying to take longer strides and pulled something. Knowing me, that's what happened!! LOL

I've put my picture on my blog today. It's the "before" I started WW's picture. I was going to put the "after" picture, but msn kept signing me off of the blog so I gave up. I'll try that another day. God grant me patience, and give it to me now! hehe

Hope you enjoyed church. Talk to you tomorrow.

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