Friday, September 7, 2007

Adam is in the House

Yep Adam is in the house. He came in all happy. When "papa" went to pick him up they were walking home from the corner store and he saw our car and started running saying "Papa, Granmas house?" I guess he didn't have too much of me last week. But maybe it's just because I let him have NOGGIN on TV or DVR all day.

This picture was taken last night, he was sitting on top of my desk playing games on the computer. I control the mouse but he tells me what to do, and when we meet the goal he always yells "I did it" so excited. I had to force him to go lay down at 10:30 or he would have been up all night. I turned off the lights and I layed (sp?) down too, well we both fell asleep. Bad news is I woke up about an hour later and was wide awake. Oops.

So I watched a few things I DVR'd last night for me... Big Brother (not happy with that outcome at all, lol) Don't Forget The Lyrics, and Are You Smarter Then A Fifth Grader... I started all my weight watcher threads (all 9 of them...yikes)and at 2am figured I'd better get to sleep fast cause Adam is usually up by the crack of dawn. I am gonna be in trouble.

Well here it is almost 8am and the Bubba is still sleeping. I of course woke up at 7am, so I expect to be a little tired today. Let's all pray we can take a nap later.

I worked a little more on the scarf for my niece.

I think this weekend I am really going to sit down and make a Christmas list of things I want to make for people and start working on those.

Do you all have a list started already?

We are in for a HOT and HUMID weekend, woo hoo. NOT.

Hmm I wonder if I went back to bed if he would wake up as soon as my head hit the pillow? Maybe I'll try... I'll let you know tomorrow, LOL.

Have a wonderful day today. Thank you for still coming here daily to visit me. I'd be so lonely if you didn't.

Aunt Kathy


Wendy said...

Ok Kathy I am betting that he did just that. I know from experience with my little munchkins that, that is usually what happens, get up early, decide well they are still asleep, so why shouldn't I be sleeping, HA, here they come as soon as I get all comfy. I went to take a nap with them yesterday, have not been feeling well with the tooth infection, I have time I thought, They usually sleep 2 1/2 to 3 hours, HA here it is only an hour later, and William woke up. DARN IT....So I was up late and wanted to sleep, Brooke did not go to sleep until after midnight. Then of course the cts just had to wake us all up this morning, when everyone would have probably slept in. Darn again. Have a great day.........

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, I hope that you got some more sleep!

I went to my WI this morning and was up .2! I know it's because I didn't eat all my points this week. But it's been hard because I ran out of everything including money!

After the WI, dd and I came home and had some breakfast. Then we took her dog, Sadie, for a walk up to the park. I thought it would be too hot, but it wasn't too bad. The dog was really getting hot, so we cut it short.

Next we went shopping!! I had some money left on my Lane Bryant gift card, so I wanted to see what they had on sale. I found 2 tops and a pair of white capris. I was so happy when I tried on the 18/20 tops and they were TOO BIG!! I had to get 14/16!! Then the pants were a size 20 instead of 24!! Yipee!! My dd's friend works at the store and happened to be there shopping when we showed up. She put my clothes with hers and used her employee's discount!! My dd paid what the difference was from the total and my card and it was only about $4. I only had $18.81 on my card!! Guess I did pretty good!

The only down side to the mall is that I ended up falling after taking the bag to dd's friends car and coming back into the mall. We came in the back and I caught my foot on the entry and fell! My left ankle twisted and I went down on my sore knee!! There was a nice lady close by and she helped Becca get me up. God bless her!!

Guess I'd better go put my foot up. I think it's swelling.

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!

Katie O said...

i also dvr'd bb8 and i am very unhappy that jess and eric went out... urgh!! the people i detest are still there!!! argh! of course its tv and it's not all as it seems, but still!!! ick!!!

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