Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arr Arr Arr, A Pirate says Arr

I mentioned months ago I was making these fish shapes to sew into an afghan, they recommend using the CBBC method to attach and I just couldn't figure it out, so I stopped making the fish out of frustration. Yesterday I decided to try it again. I am still not sure if I got it right and the picture doesn't look the best but I am going to keep trying so I will be back to making fish again.
This pattern came from a yahoo group I belong to, but I think the pattern is also free on the web if you google fish patterns too.

This is a tube shaped dish scrubber I made yesterday. I saw this idea somewhere, but this was actually my own thought yesterday. I started out to make a dishcloth but stopped and decided to try this version instead. I used the slip stitch pattern, I think I posted the link here before, it makes a very thick sturdy cloth, using 2 contrast colors... I folded it in half and stitched the side together to make the tube. it fits right over your had for a good grip while scrubbing dishes and then can slip over the faucet to dry when done. I'd love to make more of these, my problem is I have lot's of variegated yarn but no solid contrasting colors that match. Sure wish I had money to go yarn shopping.

This is the Apple shaped scrubber/dishcloth I made yesterday at the polls. The color is red, not orange but my camera and lighting is well, primitive, lol. I worked with three men, one of them my son, and they all kept saying they thought it was a HAT, geez Louise... Can't they see it's an Apple, does a hat have green leaves??? LOL
The pattern came from Harvest Moon designs website She also has many other patterns both free and for sale, you should check them out.

Another view of that banana, I just loved him... Below is the link to the blog where you will find the free pattern
Okay now that all that is covered I am sure you are wondering why did I title today's blog "Arr Arr Arr, A Pirate says Arr"

Well I heard on the morning news today, it's International talk like a PIRATE day today... So if you comment, make sure you use your best Pirate language, mateys. Arr Arr Arr.

Election day went well, we have a steady flow but never too busy. Out of a possible 382 voters we had 173 show up. They combined two polling places into our building yesterday so there was a little confusion there, and the fact that only 2 parties were voting and people not registered in those parties were trying to vote, but I still enjoy the time there. I get to see my community, we laugh, and I can knit in between, can it get any better then that?

We got home just in time to catch Big Brother, I was a little let down by the finale show... I knew Dad Denoto would win, but they didn't clarify things like Danielle and Nick, Eric and Jessica relationships. I was curious. Most of the girls (most not all) looked very nice in their dresses.

Tonight is church night, so today I will try to take it a little easier on my legs.

Hope you all have smooth sailing on the high seas today, Arr Arr Arr


Lil Knitter said... idea for a dish scrubbie. I've been thinking of doing me a fishy afghan. I may just have to start on that soon, Matey. lol Hope you have a great day...Arrrg!

Katie O said...

Shiver me timbers... where's my booty?

I to was disappointed in how they left the show. i didn't want either of them to win, so it was hard to watch. But them revealing "america's player' was really funny. I laughed so hard!!! Have a great day, matey, arrrggghhhhhh.

Michelle said...

Arrgh me hearties...

International pirate day ye say... argh.. .my little pirate is going to love that!

I sent you a link to that scrubby last week I think.. or maybe I commented it to you :-) I love the banana... :-)

Mary Ann said...

Arrg Matey, happy to hear you didn't find rough seas at the polls yesterday. Sounds like you had a great time!

I went out to lunch with my Red Hat club yesterday, but I couldn't wait to get home and put my leg up!

This morning I went to my craft club. Last week I missed because I couldn't walk, so I'm making progress. But same result as yesterday. Came home and put my foot up. I called you to say hey, but got an answering machine or voice mail.

I love your apple! Only a man could possibly think it was a hat!!

I'm going to sail off to my couch before I need a peg leg. Hope your legs feel better.

Sue Schaefer said...

You got this idea for the scrubber from my website...Harvest Moon Designs we'd love for you all to stop by and next time give credit where credit is due :)

Aunt Kathy said...

Hi Harvest Moon... I did not know where the pattern came from, it was sent to me awhile back and I couldn't find the link to it. I am so glad you saw it and posted the link. I always include the link for patterns I do not create on my own, I loved this idea, and think you have a talent I can only hope to achieve someday. I am sorry if I seemed to be out of line, it was not intentional.

Sue Schaefer said...

You might want to check out Thursday, April 5, 2007... that is our design, also and no link or mention of designer.

Aunt Kathy said...

Yes Sue, you are correct about April, but that was when I first started blogging and didn't know exactly what I was doing. After you posted there telling me to link, I believe I have done that ever since, if not it was not intentional. I certainly want all credit going where it should. I try to be very careful about that.
Again my apologies.

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