Saturday, September 29, 2007

S * A * TUR * DAY ... NIGHT...

Well I had a couple pictures to show today but my computer is acting up, so all you are gonna get is words. I don't feel like re-starting the computer right now, and I really want to blog today, already. LOL.

Adam is napping. He goes home tonight. "Papa" wants us to keep him until tomorrow but I am so tired. I think the stress is catching up with me. Not to mention I hate seeing him suffer with the bathroom problem. His other grandma did send down one of those glycerin spikes, it was in a sandwich baggie, no other info. I wasn't going to use it until I read the comments here yesterday. And last night he was hurting, it helped. But that was last night. I will also try the fiber stuff next weekend.

I finished both leaf cloths and knit up a pattern I created for someone, it's the symbol of the Presbyterian Church. I like how it turned out. I will be posting that pattern on my pattern site, along with a picture too, hopefully today or tomorrow. I still have to type up the directions, I worked it up from the graph drawing.

Tomorrow during the car race I will work some more on the lace top. The picture doesn't do the pattern justice, in between the lacy holes is such a beautiful pattern. I may see if I can make a smaller square of the pattern into a dishcloth, wouldn't that be pretty?

Oh... my title... S A TUR DAY Night... Yes I am a grown up Bay City Roller fan. I am not ashamed to admit it either. LOL. I hear the song on a planters peanut commercial and next thing I know I am humming it all day.

Do you have a favorite band or group from your youth?

When my kids were little toddlers I used to sing and dance to "The Bump" another Roller song. So when Adam was a baby I started singing it to him, he LOVED it. In fact when he was home and if he was crying, Angie would call me on the phone and I'd start singing it and he would stop crying. It's almost time for me to teach him the actual BUMP dance. Of course I am not as in shape as I was for my kids, but it will be good exercise for me.

Monday starts the contest, are you all ready? Not sure what I will start off with... still deciding on my options. And still deciding on the gift prizes too... I want to have some good stuff in there, but different then last time.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Aunt Kathy


Lil Knitter said...

I'm so sorry to hear that he's still suffering. The glycerin suppositories usually work well. It's hard to watch them hurting and not be able to do anything about it.

What a trip back in time...I remember listening to the Bay City Rollers when I was a little girl. They were one of my favorites. Had the posters on the wall and everything. I actually still have an old album of theirs packed up somewhere. lol I would have to say that Journey and Queen were my favorites though.

Hope you get some much needed rest and Hugs to you all!

SimplyMe said...

Yes! Adam is napping, now why aren't you?? Hummmmh?

You know there is no way to pick a favorite.....It's like picking between my kids or what body party I'd live to have amputated. I just checked yesterday's blog as well. I love that pink sweater. The pattern is similar to how my ssleeve sweater is turning out...just more space between the holes. I love it. Is it going to Autumn?

Wendy said...

Hmmm...........I am thinking here...Hmm I would have to say my Favorite group and song was White Lion "when the children cry" then of course I had many other Favs. Journey, Rush, AC/DC (some) Eagles.....Just way too many to mention.So glad it helped, The Benefiber will do wonders also, especially if you give it to him on a daily basis when he is with you.......

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