Monday, September 17, 2007

The Monday After

Well today I was going to post pictures of the many HATS of Adam, but I already have 10 and have only gone through 2 folders so far... LOL way too many

Instead I think I will make a slide show of these too, so keep an eye out for it in the next day or two.

Therefore I am going to post the scarf I made over the weekend, I LOVE it even though it's a snake. And the picture of the free yarn I had given to me last week.


This is Joe and Adam just before we left for the birthday party at Adam's house. Adam on purpose made that face for the picture, every one I took he gave me that look, he thought it was funny. I will be adding a slide show of the birthday party pictures soon.

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I was just out of sorts I guess. By the time I got online it was late in the day and I just figured I'd wait until today. And then even today I am later then usual.

My husband is home sick today, so my Monday is all off sorts. This is my usual REST and RELAX day. Oh well.

It's pretty cold here. We even turned on the heat.

Ok I need to go rest my legs and then when I get back online I am making the new slide shows, well at least that's my plan, LOL


Katie O said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend. I must say i missed your blog yesterday... I kept coming back to see if you had posted... my little joys in life... I hope you have a good monday! It's cold here too.... I'm not liking it so much!!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, I probably won't be able to visit your blog after today because I'm pretty sure that I won't have internet. Dh isn't getting enough hrs at work to pay all the bills, so the internet is the first to go!

I just posted on my blog and posted a pic of me since I've lost the weight. Hope you check it out.

My knee is still sore. My dd, Becca, bought me a knee brace, but it was a little small. Dh just came home from work (done already!), so he's taking it back to get the next bigger size.

It just started raining, which will match my dh's mood. No money is very depressing!!

I'll check back when I can. I want to see those hats!

Take care of yourself, my friend.

Michelle said...

I love love love how the snake turned out! Too totally cute! I'm going to make one for my nephew I think! :-)

SimplyMe said...

Nice stash!!!!

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