Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let the weekend begin

I found this pattern on Crochet Central... the link to the pattern is

I crocheted up this cute purse yesterday to go with the one I did on Thursday. I really like this cupcake, it's pretty cute. It's bigger then I thought from the picture. I guess it's the size of a small coffee can, maybe a little rounder though. I just used some scrap yarn I had on hand. What a neat idea though.

Adam is sitting next to me right now, he wants to be a part of this computer every time I am online. He loves to play computer games. he doesn't know how to use the mouse yet, so really I play the games but he tells me what to do.

Went to bed early last night, around 11:30 Adam crawled in with me about a half hour later. I got him back to the couch but woke up this morning with him in bed with me again. Needless to say I had about 8 hours sleep, but I didn't sleep comfortably.

Today we go to a clam steam/birthday party at my brother in laws, I expect my husbands whole family to be there. I hope it's not humid out, like it was yesterday. I really have a hard time breathing when it's humid.

Adam got a little tractor and a fence and some animals for a birthday present yesterday. The fence had four pieces that hook together, and last night Adam was holding it and saying "square" then he stretched it a little and said "diamond" it was so cute. He really is pretty smart. Yesterday he was counting backwards from 10.
Ok maybe I am a little prejudice, LOL.

Well I have a headache now, my husband just did something that was very stupid, could have had severe consequences, and he doesn't know why I am so mad. It's giving me a headache. Maybe I am over emotional because of TOM (aren't I old enough to be done with this already?).

Anyway, I guess I'll go wrap those purses and let Adam play a game or two.

See you all tomorrow.

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SimplyMe said...

Pray tell, what did he do now? I am imagining something new, inventive and frustrating! LOL

That cupcake is adorable. You just KNOW Hannah is going to want it.

OH yeah, before I forget to tell ya, my dishwasher broke again last night.........big sighs. Fun, huh? Oh well! Oh yeah, and Katie has decided to go to homecoming with her friends, so it's dress shopping we will go today sometime during the meet. If you're jealous, you know how to get here! (smile)

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