Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I am here, sorry so late


Do you ever have one of those days when you just seem to break out in tears for the silliest reasons? Yesterday was one of those days for me. I guess I set the theme in the morning while watching two Lifetime Movie network tear jerker movies, LOL.

Then I was thinking about my son and how sad he seemed this weekend.

Then I heard my nieces baby (only about 6 months old) was in ICU, he fell off the couch and they already had to do surgery to remove swelling, fluid and pressure from the brain.

Then to top it off I cooked dinner. ( I have been slacking here, long story) Apparently after cooking it didn't look like as much as I thought and between by husband and my 21 year old son and myself, not enough food. I ended up not eating mine and having a pity party out alone on the back deck... yes really mature huh?

Good news... I feel better today. LOL. It's a good thing I blogged yesterday before all that happened or else I may not have even blogged.

On the knitting note... I did finish the cell phone carrying case yesterday. Didn't even pick up the scarf I need to finish though, I will finish that when I get off this computer.

I found a great pattern yesterday for a scarf/wrap that I really want to make. It's similar to the Log Cabin pattern in a Miter square set up, and I am intimidated by the log cabin pattern. It's a really large scarf, I think 17X66 or something like that...
It's called "Modern Quilt Wrap" this is the link I think


I guess that's all the updates from me for today... I promise to work this week on some blog ideas...

I'll leave you with this for today:

I love to knit and even crochet
It's my favorite thing to do each day
I love to create and share the wealth
Giving to others I believe promotes good health
So with each stitch I make I say a prayer
For all those who need a hug out there


Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy! Sending you a huge {{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}!

I have days like yours every once in awhile. I think that we all need to cry sometimes just because it makes us feel better.

I checked out the scarf and it's really pretty. I don't consider myself an intermediate knitter, so it would be too hard for me probably.

I'm coming along pretty good on my cross stitching for the Pooh and Tigger blanket. Boy do I hate working with black!! First of all I can't tell how many stitches I need by looking quickly at the chart, because it just looks like a blob of black!! I think that once I get Tigger outlined it will be easier. At least I hope so!

How did you like the Nascar race? What do you think about Joe Gibbs going to Toyota? My dh is not happy thinking that Tony Stewart will be driving one of those. lol I'm curious to see how it goes myself, even though I'm a Chevy girl!

Hope you're having a good day today! No more tear jerker movies! Turn on the comedy channel!

I'm off to work on my baby blanket. See ya later!

Katie O said...

Well, I hope you have a better day then yesterday. I have those days all too often.... Sometimes it gives me clarity and sometimes it gives me nothing but irritation! I hope you have a great day!! :)

Wendy said...

Kathy so sorry to hear about your day.......I hope you are feeling much better today......I know all about those days, and most of the time they last all too long, not just a day. Hopefully with Hubby working and bringing in money again, I will not have any of those days in a long time. Here is a great big HUG from Michigan.

SimplyMe said...

I'm off to look at the scarf. Where's the pic of the cell phone carrier? I really liked the pattern and can't wait to see what magic you did to it. Have you heard from ds1? Maybe today was the day of good answers!!!! HEY!!! FYI - Maggie updated---whooo hoooooo!

Janette said...

(((((HUGS)))) I'm so sorry you were overwhelmed by life yesterday. I am praying that your neices baby will be alright asap. Please keep us updated on that.
You are a good mom and wife to give up your meal for your son and hubby. I would have had a pity party too if I were that hungry so I don't think of it as imature.
Well, I'm outta here to check the link for the wrap. TTFN and I pray that you have a better day than yesterday was for you.

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