Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Adam

Adams 1st birthday party pictures

Adam's 2nd Birthday pictures

Today is Adams birthday. There isn't a party until Saturday but he will be here with us today until the party. If you were here when he was born, you'd probably know how monumental this is for me. I was at the hospital with Angie and Joe and her mom, from the moment she was admitted until the day she delivered, and it was a few days, since she was so early and they were trying to stop the contractions. Her mother and her brother were very rude to me then, because of his expected size only two people could be in the room when he was born, I had to leave and go down a long long long walk to a waiting room as did Angies brother. He would not even talk to me or sit with me, I was alone. I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, no one came to tell me for hours. I was a mess. The desk nurse was so kind, she told me where they would take the baby in the elevator to the NICU, so I watched, and when I saw them coming I tried to get a peek of the baby, but they covered him and wouldn't even let me see him. Can we say I was a basket case. It all worked out in the end. Oh and in the beginning they didn't even want me to have the baby here in my house, she didn't think my house was clean enough, what???? Anyway that ended once he was off the oxygen and before long the baby came more and more and now I am up to three to four days and a couple times a whole week of Adam living here. Things sure do change, huh?

I tell you I loved my kids when they were born, but a grand child is so different. My heart swelled up when I first saw that tiny boy, and it has never deflated. My life would not be complete without Adam.

Well Kathy let's just get all teary eyed so you can't type.

Michelle thanks for those patterns yesterday, I love them both.
(How's that for changing the subject, lol)

Hannah just came over with her new dog, they rescued the dog from TN, her name is Julia and she is 1 1/2 years old. I think she looks like a little fox and we should call her SWIPER, lol. Our dog Lady had to sneak in for a cameo photo as well. LOL

Church was good last night, as usual. It was of course in the little room so I had a bit of walking to do to get in there. It almost makes me want to skip going, but I won't. I will just do it. I was on my way in and one of the Inn employees said to me "are you gonna make it?" I told him " I have to, there is no other option."

Well I have a few things to clean up before we go get Adam, so I better sign off for today. More pictures tomorrow... wonder what theme I'll choose... come back tomorrow and see. LOL

Love Aunt Kathy


SimplyMe said...

wow! Ya know, I had forgotten all of that mess (can you say blocked memory). Wow.

I'll have to call this afternoon so I can sing to adam, whaddya think?

Tell Hannah I love her new dog and I can't wait to hear his name!

Wendy said...


When Brooke was born, I had her at 10:56 p.m. and did not get to see or hold her until 8 a.m. the next morning. When i had to leave the hospital 3 days later without her, and her being my first, It tore my heart right out of me. I did not think I ever wanted anymore children, but God had other plans and Williams birth was totally free of problems. I could not imagine life without my two angels and hopefully I will have the joy of seeing at least on grandchild. That is the only down fall to having them later in life.
Have a great time with Adam and hopefully the party goes very well.

Katie O said...

Adam is so adorable... you are such a lucky woman to have such a doll in your life!!

I'm watching the final HOH on BB8 right now... I swear if the donato's both go to the final 2... I don't know if i can ever watch again(I've only watched last season and this season, but still) They are so obnoxious!! i wonder if you are watching!!! ARGH!!! So silly to be wrapped up in 'false reality'!!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being a grandma. I still remember Nathan birth. They had to do a emergency c on my dd and I was a basket case. The plus side was that they brought Nathan to her room just before they brought her in and handed him to me saying grandma needed to hold him, and there was 2 other grandmas and my other daughter there so I was thrilled to be the first. They truly are a joy.
Love all your pictures and am excited to see tomorrows. You have made me want to pull out my grandsons pics.
Oh yea congrates on the new addition, Hannah's new dog.

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