Sunday, September 23, 2007

One more fun packed day with Adam

Adam had a blast from the moment his sneakers hit the ground at the clam steam yesterday. There was an abundance of kids there and lots of open range to roam and run on. he spent alot of time climbing the rope ladder and sliding down the slide, and he loved whatever that ball toy he was playing with.

Another party for him to go to today after church, this one will have a clown, a bouncy bounce house/maze and a cotton candy maker among who knows what else. I guess she spent over $2000 on this party. I think she is CRAZY

I finished the bookmark I made too. It came out pretty, but it was supposed to me made on size 3 needles but I can't find mine... so I used size 5, it's a little thick for a bookmark, but at least I was able to figure out the pattern. I have some really thin pink yarn and might try another one using that instead. The pattern came from here are a couple pictures of the one I made.

Well I guess I best get breakfast started and diapers changed so we won;t be late for church.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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SimplyMe said...

Have fun at party #2......may it be as fun for adam as the first one, and more so for you! Muah

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