Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday- It's Pathetic and I Say it Ends NOW

Yep, this has been me since Sunday morning. SICK SICK SICK I say.
(But it does give you a glimpse of the new hair color. Still no new hair cut, YET.)

Well in the morning I see the Dr so maybe he can put an end to this maddness. I mean Adam comes again on Friday and I'd like to be coherent by then.

Actually the fever has broken so that's a plus. I was actually able to do a few things today. I cleaned up behind my bed, sorted through a bunch of paperwork and mail from the last month or so.

OH OH I found my AMAZON gift card, whew. I was so afraid I had thrown it away somehow. But it's safe and sound... somewhere. OMG where did I put it??? No I think it's in my purse. Yes let's just say IT IS IN my purse.

I did a couple loads of laundry, wash dry and folded and even put away too. That's HUGE.

Got the livingroom vacuumed.

Got rid of a bunch of CPAP supplies I no longer use, de-cluttering is always good.

Added some updated addresses and phone numbers to my address book, finally. Been trying to do that since Christmas cards were received. How long ago was that????

Caneclled my sons Cell phone from our account for the 2nd time. Don't ask? Ok I'll tell you. He had the I-Phone... got his own account so told me to cancel his phone. OK I did it. Well the day it stopped he called me all MAD because they shut off his phone and now he couldn't even use it as an IPOD it wouldn't turn on at all and all his info on there couldn't be retreived. Made me call and reinstate it. {{sigh}} So I did... turns out he just had to take out the SIM card. Grrr.

I even carried in a wheel barrel full of wood for the IRON MONSTER because it's supposed to rain tomorrow and we all know that wet wood doesn't burn well, does it?

And I actually ate a meal today. First one since Saturday. I also got in plenty of water. Want to stay hydrated.

Lastly I found all the patterns I had printed out that I wanted to knit up... maybe, just maybe tomorrow I can actually pick up a needle or two and some yarn and make something.

There consider yourself updated. Have a wonderful night, sweet dreams and all that good stuff.

See you tomorrow and maybe even with a smile on my face, huh?

No MORE sick AK, No MORE sick AK, No MORE sick AK... if I keep saying it will I start to believe it???


Robynn's Ravings said...

Geez girl....whaddyou get done when you AREN'T a sick person?! I could sure use you at my house for a few days!

Renna said...

Sheesh, you're more productive when sick than I am when well!

Awesome Mom said...

I hope you feel better soon!

SimplyMe said...

believe me, you sounded 1000 times better today than yesterday. Figures. Just in time to go to the doc. Eh. Cough REAL GOOD for him, okay?

Love the hair color.

sailorcross said...

You did all of this while you were sick? I don't know--I don't think I accomplish that much when I'm well!!

So, you must be on the mend--just in time to visit the doctor~!!

As for me--I look like you--laying there just staring at the ceiling!! I thought I was going to go back to work today, but my fever is back this morning at 101!! I think one more day should do it!!

What is this terrible thing we have??


Grace said...

if I did half of what you did sick, Tom would be terriby impressed. I hope you continue to improve and glad you are remembering the water!

Unknown said...

You say you're sick and you did all that work? I guess it's got to be done, but geesh! When I'm sick, I don't leave the couch unless I HAVE to, LOL.

Well, I hope you feel better soon, like today. Take care of yourself!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

oh!! I hope you feel better!! :( It's no fun being sick!! I'll be praying that you mend quickly!! :)

Knitnut,Karen said...

Geez, I should get whatever you've got. Maybe I'd get some things done around here!
Glad your better!

Robin said...

I'm SO sorry you're sick...hope you feel better soon! Hang in there...

teabird said...

No MORE sick AK, No MORE sick AK, No MORE sick AK.

We'll all chant together... I like the new hair colour!

Turtle said...

feel better!

Jane said...

Let me add my own "you did all that while you were sick?" to the comments! I love the hair color.

Sarah Bear said...

Get better, soon.

Kenyetta said...

No MORE sick AK
No MORE sick AK
No MORE sick AK
No MORE sick AK

SimplyMe said...

Okay, woman. did you fall asleep somewhere? I called about an hour ago (ummm more like 100mins ago0 and got the 2 ring answering machine, and now you haven't blogged. You haven't run away to some sunny sandy oceany nirvana on us, have you?

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