Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday- Hemming and Hawing

Well this day has been long and COLD. I spent the morning working on my message for church tomorrow night. A lot of pressure on me, it's the first message being given after the Pastor had a month long review on how we should be preparing our messages and delivering them. So I am the first live test. Normally not something I'd worry too much about BUT I actually missed two of the four reviews he gave. One was the night of my sleep study and the other was last week when I was down for the count with the flu. So no stress, no worries, yeah right. Technically it wasn't supposed to be me until next week, so I was surprised when he told me Sunday that Wednesday was my night. Uh Oh.
Gary came home form work early again today. There is just no work to be had these days. It's really evident in the paychecks too but we are surviving, God always providdes. Anyway since he was home early we took a trip to the pharmacy and the grocery store. Had to go to the pharmacy because I seem to be lacking some vitamins and minerals per my recent blood work so off to get more supplements we went. I needed to add more Vitamin D and Zinc. One is a prescription and the other in an over the counter.
Got a ton of walking in though so that's good. I am sore today, I guess the walking on top of shoveling the driveway twice yesterday was a little much for me. Nothing a Tylenol can't handle when I finally get to bed.
Then I finally finished hemming Hannah's new pants. Four pairs, my sister came over earlier and took three pairs home so only one to show off... doesn't look too bad for a by hand hem job does it?

While watching American Idol and Biggest Loser I decided to knit a baby bib. Ok I have no babies to knit for except maybe Adams mom who is due this summer. But I love this bib. Tomorrow I'll post the finished bib and the link to the pattern. I grabbed a self striping green from my stash... must be in the Irish Green mood.
Other than the aboove not much else was done today. It's VERY cold here and with the furnace still broken even the wood stove can't help. I am off now to find a fourth blanket so I can sleep tonight. I think there is a brand new down comforter in my closet behind my bad of cotton, time to dig it out and open that warm baby up.
You all have a wonderful night and sweet dreams. I'll be back tomorrow sometime.


SimplyMe said...

The bib looks great, ak. Nice work. I'm a wee bit jealous. I need to be making bibs for Don. So many ideas, too little time!!!!

I think you did a great job on Hannah's pants. I'm also proud of your for all that walking and shoveling AND you went and got vities BEFORE you were out. WTG!!!

It's been an interesting night around here. Apparently, he wasn't thrilled about what the dentist had to say. (shocker), No Easter here as he'll be on a plane to Europe (shocker, part II, I predicted this when he said it was rescheduled for April) and something else he didn't want to tell me, but I cannot remember what!!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!

Okay, you sleep tight. I'd like to think I'm off to bed, but I still want to play!


smariek said...

Oooh, I think I see a cable on that bib! Can't wait to see the finished bib.

Knitnut,Karen said...

Love the bib! Can't wait to see it finished. Sorry about no work for you husband. That seems to be the same around the country.My son started a second job because his day job is so slow,and he has a huge child support payment every month

Wendy said...

We had to go on a Vitamin run yesterday also...The cardiologist wants Jack to take 1000mg of Niacin a day, along with his Zocor, to lower his cholesterol. The drug store wanted $17.48 for them, well we found them at 500mg per pill, 60 pills for $4.99....
Feeling much better...NO jelly legs yesterday, and was able to eat a good meal and not run to the potty after....
Hope you are not so sore today....

Unknown said...

That is a cute bib. I recognize the pattern. I should make a few for my baby...umm toddler.
Warm weather is on its way!! Yay!!!

Have a great day. And you'll be fabulous giving your message tonight.

Renna said...

I love the little baby bib. I do hope you'll share the pattern! :-)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Glad you are recovery from the flu thing. And I feel you on the husband work issues. I've seen Grizzly darken the door way too early many times in the last month or two. Scary for the budget! But, like you, I can say God has provided. Stay warm!

Kenyetta said...

it's cold here too but supposed to be in the 70s this weekend. Go figure!

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