Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday- So Finally A Picture Or Two

Just before the "bubba" left to go home we took a picture.
Today is his other grandma's (Janmum) birthday. So we made a little card, then I printed out this photo and pasted it to the front of the card, and packed in a little gift bag a couple "green" dishcloths because green is her favorite color.
I finished two squares for Close Knit Hugs today. I also have 3 other squares started as well, and might finish those tonight before I go to bed, they are a fast project and I think will save me and my 365 project goal this year. I am about 8 short to be on target. Made these with some of the yarn my Aunty Lorraine dropped off last week. The square is called "Flower Granny Square" I used an "I" hook and the finished size is about 7 1/2".
This is the "Bunny Blanket Buddy" It's a pattern from Lion Brand, there is a knitted and crochet version, I did the knitted one. The pattern was a breeze I just had trouble with the head. I couldn't understand the instructions (or lack there of) on how to sew and stuff the head. I actually didn't even stuff mine, I thought it was fine without the fiberfill. Besides an infant chewing on this and maybe getting fiber fill in their mouth might not be a good idea. I used Lion brand's Cottonese yarn and I love it. It's so soft. There was plenty left over so I decided to make a small infant wash cloth too. I am going to make a regular baby blanket and maybe a hat and booties and put the whole set together as a baby gift for Adam's mom. She is due in July and just found out last week it's going to be a boy. Yep Adam will soon be a big brother. Hopefully she doesn't name him Cain, yikes. Actually Cain was older then Adam, so maybe she would name him Seth. I chose Adam's name, I wonder if she'd take Seth as my suggestion for this one too?
I do have a few other pictures from the weekend with Adam and a video too, but I might save those for tomorrow, don't wanna overload you all.
We actually had sunshine today.It was funny we were leaving church and Christopher (my son's girl friends son)was complaining it was HOT and kept asking his mom to turn off the heat. I told him it wasn't the heat it was the SUN, remember the Sun? We haven't seen it in 6 months, and hopefully we will be seeing much more of it for quite awhile. LOL
I had to ride to church today in my husbands truck. He just has a small Chevy S10, and we had to fit him, me amd Adam all in the front seat. Now there was a time when I barely fit in that truck with him, but today all three of us fit in there no problem. It was like a miracle. It's those moments that really bring it home I really am losing this weight and getting back to a normal earthling size. Is there even such a thing as an overweight alien?
Well I am just blabbering now, so I think I'll sign off. You all have a great night, sweet dreams and may the week ahead be wonderful.


SimplyMe said...

Sleep tight darlin'!

Love the card to Janmum.

whootie whooo to the nsv

Pbbbttttt (raspberries) to the 365 projects a year. I'm a wee bit behind!!! Love that square. I may have to go stalk down the pattern.

talk to you tomorrow!


SimplyMe said...

Of COURSE that square caught your eye, the example was done in two shades of PINK!

It's in my ever growing queue. you're such an influence!

Wendy said...

I finished some stuff too and actually blogged..Have a new picture of the kids I shared also...I still have to share our day at the park. but have not felt like sitting that long to put pictures on...
Hope you had a good night...I am actualy going to bed before 3 and hopefully I do not cough all night...

Claudia said...

If she were having a girl, she would definitely have to choose Eve so she would have Adam and Eve. :D

Love the pic of Adam. He's so adorable. And I love the bunny cloth. Kids would really love that one. It's great with Easter coming!

smariek said...

Yay, photos! Glad it is working again. That's a sweet photo of Adam.

Unknown said...

What a thoughtful gift, for both of Adam's relatives. I love the bunny pattern. And the baby washcloth. Can't have enough of those!

Libby's Library said...

Your weight loss is an inspiration to me.

Love the blanket - would you consider selling some washcloths?

He is a cutie!

Libby's Library said...

How much $ per washcloth (and shipping)?

magnoliasntea said...

Your li'l buddy is a certainly a cutie. :)I knitted the bunny blanket last year in an outrageously priced yarn..wish I'd thought of using regular yarn like you did. Much smarter.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Awww what a cutie:)
I have some awards for you on my blog;)((((Hugs)))) Darcy

Jane said...

Love the little bunny - I made one for my granddaughter last Easter. I like the name Seth too.

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a sweet thing for you to do to honor the OTHER grandma. Says VOLUMES about YOU! :)

Kenyetta said...

Love the card and the fact that you helped him make it!
Go you! Keep slimming down!

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