Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday- I Drive Therefore I Must Have A Car, LOL

These are the squares I have made so far this week, there are 17 completed squares so far.
And here are the keys to my new/used car
And here is the proud owner next to the new/used car


There she is... Malibu Barbie in her Silver swim suit... The name of my car has been chosen.


Maybe I'll call her Bab's sometimes, or Barbara if I am angry at her, but Barbie it is.
There was one person who actually suggested this name in the comments. I didn't give any hints or clues on the names I was thinking, but Barbie was the name I was rolling around in my head, so when I read the comment I KNEW it was conformation.
CONGRATULATIONS... Neas Nuttiness, you are the winner, and since you asked you will get a set of handmade dishcloths in the colors you like. Drop me an email (gimpykatk at aol) with your mailing address and info and your color choices and I will get right on those for you.
I did consider all the "silver" ideas and had some of those as well in my head, but they all sounded like MALE names and this car is definately a GIRL. LOL
Well I have lot's to say but it's late. Adam comes tomorrow and I need to get to sleep. I'll blog more tomorrow
Have a wonderful night, you should already be asleep. Hopefully with plenty of sweet dreams too.


SimplyMe said...

I love the new silver barbie. Barbie without the hair dye? LOVE IT!!!!

BTW - you do need too clothes, those are HANGING off of you. Yes, you do look good, but WOMAN....

love the sheep key ring

love the fact their are keys to freedom on that ring

When are you going to the pool?

and I really love those squares!


Anonymous said...

Nice car! Ours is a darker silver-gray metallic.

Unknown said...

cute name. the squares look great and they're keeping you on track.
Have a great day!

leah said...

Sounds like a good fit! You are looking amazing too!

Wendy said...

Love the name....yes I do believe that most vehicles are female in nature...even the BIG trucks a female side about them....Loking great my friend, and I agree with Shelly, you need to treat yourself to some clothes, to show off your great new look...not too many, cause I know you still have more to go and do not want to throw money away, but a treat is always good.....


Anonymous said...

WOW you look awesome!!!! You go girl!!!!

I agree Barbie is a great name and the Silver one were masculine.


Libby's Library said...

Oh Yeah! I won, I won, I won!

Thanks so much...I'll go email you right now;)

Turtle said...

lol, i like babs. Hey daughter just got that same key holder today! enjoy it...i love those squares!!

Jane said...

BARBIE - that's perfect! I love that key ring too!

smariek said...

Yay on the new wheels! Cute way to name your car.

Cars are such a necessary evil. What I would really like is a Honda Clarity, a 0-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the only thing coming out of the exhaust is water! :-)

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