Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday- Something about Nothing

Adam was deeply engrossed in this toy last night...

But he did take a moment to look my way and smile for the camera...

This is the desktop background on my computer. Isn't it Spring like and inviting?

Hopefully this means it will soon lead to the opening of this...

That is my sisters pool next door. She had to get a new liner and re-set up the pool as it was falling apart. Can you see the fish all around the liner? I love them, they are so cute. AND I will actually get to see them up close and personal (by the way that is one of my favorite movies... have you seen it? Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer)
Anyway I will actually be able to swim in the pool this year. I won't be afraid my weight will break the ladder when getting out anymore. This makes me very happy.
I have been crocheting today. Working on a baby blanket for Adams soon to be born brother. Apparently his name will be JACK. We were watching Blues Baby Brother today and I asked him if his new brother was going to be named Sprinkles, he said no Nana, it's Jack. I said where is Jack now? He said "In Mama's belly". Photo's of the blanket to follow soon. Just not today.
I got my first BZZ Agent Campaign package in the mail today. It's for a Glade air freshner.

They send you a free product and you are to try it out and then tell them what you think. They also want you to tell others about it and even send coupons to hand out to family and friends. I couldn't wait to test it out. it runs on batteries (I like that, especially with have my house without electricity, lol) and it's sensored so it doesn't go off a thousand times a day when no one is in the room, it only sprays when it sensors someone in the room. And then it locks itself for 30 minutes so it doesn't over power you with scent. pretty cool huh? I think I am going to really like this and it lasts about a month before you need a refill cartridge.
Well this is where I'd say I need to go get Adam ready for bed because we have church tomorrow. BUT Adam decided he wanted to go home a day early. So I am on my own, but I think I'll still get ready for bed. Maybe I'll actually get a good nights sleep tonight.
Sweet dreams everyone.


SimplyMe said...

Tell Dayna I want her pool

Libby's Library said...

I'm seriously thinking about getting the husband to purchase a pool like that for me. It would be good therapy... Now, to figure out how to get into it without anyone seeing me!!!

Enjoy church!

Unknown said...

How nice to have a pool next door, and one you can enjoy!!
Jack isn't a bad name either. Better than Sprinkles, LOL.
Hope you have a good day today.

Knitnut,Karen said...

Our grand daughters are wanting us to open our pool. I'm afraid when we take the cover off, we're going to need a new liner. The last one cost me $3,000.00. Let's hope I don't have to buy one!

Jane said...

You are a good saleswoman! I'm sure you are going to enjoy that pool this summer - Adam must love it too.

Kenyetta said...

I love the pool!
Congrats on your first Bzz Campaign!

Claudia said...

How long ago did you join BzzAgent? I've joined too, but haven't received anything yet. I'm excited!

Wow on the pool. Our next door neighbor has an inground pool. I see them in it all the time. Of course, I can't even swim, but it looks wonderful. You're blessed to have one right there to use and enjoy while enjoying your family! :)

teabird said...

A pool - wonderful!
Thanks for reminding me that I should change my screensaver...

Cat said...

DH thinks our pool might not make it this year sniff sniff. He is going to get it out and check as it is one of those that rises as you fill it, and he thinks it has cracked.

Adam is adorable!!! Oh I love the Bzzz Agent.


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