Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday- Potatoes and Popcorn

Well as you can see Curious George was well received by Adam and his daddy, my son Joe. This chef's hat belongs to Mr. Potato head but we all know Curious George loves to work in the kitchen. You must have seen the episode when he experimented with different things in Mr. Spaghetti's kitchen trying to make them floppy. Sudden emergency Raviolli soup anda meataballa. (typed in my best Italian accented voice) LOL Got a 5 star review. OK I watch too much PBS and NOGGIN TV with Adam. I have to admit it, I like most of the shows. I even sing the songs when Adam isn't here. Tomorrow you will have a treat and you'll get to hear Adam happily singing one of the songs.

Uncle Jimmy, my oldest son, bought Adam this Mr. Potato head set. Adam spotted it almost immediately, and said "Nana what is this thing?" Of course it's all in pieces now. Adam likes to follow instructions, I know weird for a kid, huh? So on the back of the box it shows the five different outfits and how they look on the potato. So we made a couple of them, it was fun. But the box is HUGE... no place in my little house for a big box so I had it put outside in the garbage. BIG Mistake. The next day Adam wanted to make another character and we had no instrustions. I told him to use his imagination but he wanted to make them the "right" way. So the pieces are all un-connected on the table now. {{sigh}} I am gonna have to try to find some potato head pictures on the Internet to print out for him or I fear he may never play with these again. He is a particular kid. But I love him just like he is.

Adam and I over the weekend popped our first batch stove top popcorn. I picked up a Jiffy pop popcorn last time I was at the market. Adam has never seen popcorn popping before. So we watched it grow just like a pumpkin. I used to love this as a kid, I can't believe they are still around.

Then opened it up and wala look at all that popcorn. Adam let Papa have a small bowl but the rest was just for him.
Still working on the charity squares. I got nine more done today. I'll show pictures of the stack tomorrow.
For now though I am off to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day for sure. You all have a great night and sweet dreams my friends.
Good night, AK

PS I signed up for Plurk today. if you are on there find me cause I have no clue what I am doing, LOL. I am gimpykatk on there. And any hints on how to manuver around would be greatly appreciated. LOL


Robynn's Ravings said...

He must love the movie Toy Story with Mr. Potato Head in there. I loved Jiffy Pop, too and got it for my kids when they were little just to watch. Fun fun. :)

smariek said...

I had to smile when I read Adam wanting to make Mr. Potato Head like the photos on the box. It is so much like my DD who wants to use her Lego Dollhouse box as an example of how to build the house.

I haven't made popcorn that way in aeons! I'll have to see if I can find one.

sailorcross said...

Mr Potato Head, Curious George, Jiffy Pop-I'm taking a trip to my own childhood!! Love it!! Funny how all these things have stayed around and others have gone by the wayside!!

Plurk--I haven't plurked in ages!! Someone from Dishrag Tag invited me so I joined--but I tell you--I don't know what I'm doing there either!!


Cinders said...

I did some reminiscing myself too! although as my kids are teenagers now we dont do 'kids' TV as we used to. Mr Potato head is such fun. I remeber him firsts time round when we were kids before Toy Story.

Popcorn is such fun for adults to watch too. we do it loose in the pan and its fun to take the lid off occasionally and watch the popped corn fly around the room!!!

Unknown said...

Jiffy Pop . . . how fun. I think I will have to go looking for it.

I will look for you on Plurk.

Hope you had a wonderful rest.

magnoliasntea said...

A man who likes to follow directions is a rare one! They just don't make that many of them..giggles. Hope you find something to help make Mr. Tater Head right. :)

leah said...

Well we know Adam won't be one of those guys who never reads the directions! How nice will that be!
ps- my verification word is reading :)

Unknown said...

Looks like fun. Mr. Potato Head is a hit especially for us bigger kids, LOL.
That popcorn looks like lots of fun, too. I have an air popper, but it may be fun to watch it grow with the kids. I may have to go get some now, LOL.

Hope you have a great day!

Turtle said...

love mr potato and curious george, what a fun looking evening! Happy st pat's day!

SimplyMe said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah you are on Plurk I will look you up. LOL I am still trying to figure it out.

Love Adam he is so adorable.


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie I couldn't find you. I just created another Plurk with craftyncer look me up!

Renna said...

Cute pictures! :-)

I haven't had Jiffy Pop popcorn since I was a kid. It was always as much fun making it as it was eating it!

Libby's Library said...

I didn't even know that they still made Jiffy Pop.
Looks like you all had a great day.
Wishing Adam a wonderful year to come!

Anonymous said...

Ty for the comment on my BLOG.... I LOVE knitting anything hee hee I went to typed in KNITTING CARTOONS and I came across some of them I have.Another way I find them go to photo host places like photobucket and type in knitting... :)

Bubblesknits said...

lol Adam sounds just like my son. He's very particular like that, too. :-)

MUST find me some Jiffy Pop like that the next time I'm out! That's a classic!

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