Saturday, August 25, 2007


Good Morning

Today is the wedding for my brother in law. His name is Eric and he is marrying Kris, I tried to quickly design a wedding cloth for them, it's a little hard to see in the picture, I really need to learn how to block and make the designs stand out better, probably need a better camera too, if only I could win the lottery.

I am still feeling sick, but I think I am over the worst part. I however may need to skip the church part and just go to the reception. It's supposed to be very hot and humid today and the church is HUGE and he thinks with the oxygen it might be too much for me. So I may just meet them at the reception. He is in the wedding so he will be in the limo anyway and not with me. My sister is going to try to color out the grey in my hair and my other sister will come french braid my hair (since I haven;t had a haircut in over a year) I usually braid my hair myself but it looks better if someone does it for me.

Ok onto contest stuff... Yes I have alot of cotton and I love it. I also have two cones as well. And I really want some more solid colors, I have a lot of varigated but to do picture patterns I need solids. Still waiting for another miracle sale, lol

Anyway there were 21 bits of balls left and 75 full balls, there might have been more when it happened because I have used some since then. So the total count was


Today I will just ask another general question...



I have never sold anything "yet" in this way, except my Aunt last year took some of my things to the fair with her stuff and a couple things were bought. Some hot pads and a couple scarves. I usually prefer to give the stuff away, but am not ruling out the idea once I get some completed projects built up to consider it in the future.

Got a big day ahead so I best go start making a list of what I need to do.

See you all tomorrow.

Aunt Kathy


Wendy said...

I have never sold anything I have made. I have thought about it lately, but I can not do that because most all of my yarn is donated, and I just do not feel right selling something that I could not have made if it was not for very generous people. So for now I will sontinue to crochet and give to charity.

Janette said...

I've made some christmas pins that I sold for $1 but that was all..People didn't seem to want to pay for anything more. Just not worth the bother for me..

Katie O said...

I've thought about it, but with all my hard work that goes into all my projects, I would have to charge too much!! hee hee... I sold a baby blanket last year. A woman I worked with saw me knitting and asked how much I'd ask for a blanket for her niece, so I spewed out a number and I had my first(and only) sale... I like to give the stuff away as gifts... Have a great day!

SimplyMe said...

Nope, don't seem to sell anything. I'm not organized enough. I thought about dishcloths and homemade soap that the farmer's market this year, but my sellers (aka kids) weren't interested enough to even buy a table to set out there. Neither was I!!!!

Have fun at the wedding, I can't wait to hear about it. I think you did a great job on the cloth and I can read it just fine!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did sell some plastic canvas halloween fridgies at a consignment shop it actually did pretty good but then they went out of business and now I just have soooo much that I do for family/friends that there is no time.

Mary Ann said...

I sold Barbie clothes that I made at a craft fair years ago. They sold very well since it was just before Christmas. I've also sold at a few other craft fairs. Lately my potholders have sold very well. I've also gotten orders for afghans that I've made and sold.

Enjoy the wedding.

Debbie said...

I have made scarves and slod them almost 12 so I guess that counts I would like to enter in the fair to see if I even get a mention but not sure yet Oh by the way the cloth is just perfect.!!!

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