Thursday, August 23, 2007

August Contest Day 23

Good Morning.

I am so looking forward to the day I am not attached to a box of kleenex. On a plus side I guess I have been able to get some knitting done while resting. Mostly though I am sleeping. I hope I am on over the worst of it now, and any moment I should feel GREAT

As for yesterdays question... I have never done an exchange, for many of the reasons mentions yesterday. My finances are slim, and I was afraid of not doing enough. If I were ever to do something I would hope it was just the item and maybe a note card, no extras. Something to think about for the New Year maybe, after the holidays are over.

Today's contest assignment is another question... haha how many different knitting/crochet questions can I come up with, this is getting harder, LOL


Oh not sure if I mentioned it yesterday but my oldest son Jim, the one who just went to Chicago for school, called and wants the two of us to apply for Biggest Loser, they are looking for family pairs. I filled out the application (10 pages, yikes)and now I need to make a short 3 minute video... who knows maybe we will get chosen and I can knit my way to the ranch and a healthier weight again.

Well I guess that's all for me for today... Not sure if Adam will come today or not. My Husband wants him here, but I am still pretty sick and I sure don't want to make the baby sick again.

Have a great day today everyone.

Aunt Kathy


Wendy said...

When I had money I would usually buy my yarn at Wal Mart. But after seeing all there is out there, the different kinds, and types I will have to find some where else to buy, when the money starts rolling in. I am going to have to go find me some YARN shops in my area. All of the yarn I have at the moment is donated from very generous group memebers and a couple of yarn companies.

Janette said...

Mostly at Walmart but occasionally, when I have the money and it's on sale, I go to Michaels...there is a nice yarn store downtown but it's way out of my price range.

Katie O said...

I buy mine wherever I can get my hands on some. Micheals seems expensive these days. i used to go to AC Moore, but I have moved and there are none in my area. So I frequent my lys and usually pick up trinkets or some patterns. I also look for mill ends... they seem to be the best deal!

Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I wait for sales and coupons from Michael's, JoAnn's and Beverly's. I do splurge on really fine yarn from LYS's for certain projects though.

Recently, I treated myself to some Tussah Silk yarn called "Golden Chai" from ArtFibers dot com. It should be arriving today. Go check out their website and admire their gorgeous yarns!

Another great website that is waaayyyyy more affordable is Smileys Yarns dot com. Unbelievable prices on Lion, Red Heart, etc. They do have a $40 minimum so it is helpful to go in on an order with someone. ($40 would buy you massive quantities of yarn here...)

Debbie said...

I buy mine from Walmart and Michaels and When I can afford it my local lys Beads and Yarn shop Whewwww They have some expensive yarn I just like to go and browse did I mention drool as I run my fingers over their yarn.I have bought a couple skiens Wait they are not called that any more hummmmm Well I cant think of the name .Ok back to knit one purl one

Mary Ann said...

I used to buy all of my yarn at WalMart, but they're not stocking as much yarn anymore. So now I go to Michaels or JoAnn's because of the good selection they have. Once in awhile, I'll get to go look at Hobby Lobby, but I've never bought any yarn there unless you count the discontinued baby yarn that my friend and I bought.

OMG Kathy, good luck on getting on the Biggest Loser! I love that show. It would be great to see someone I kind of know on it.

Feel better!

SimplyMe said...

hobby lobby
local lys
just about anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!

I am sorry that you are still feeling unwell. Sounds
as if you have a really bad cold, or it is the flu?

Well, as to where I buy my yarn, I go to Michaels when
I have a coupon, same with JoAnns, and I also buy yarn
at Wal-Mart. I have been to a yarn shop that is at
least 30 minutes from my house, so I wouldn't call it
a local YS. Anyway, it has an area in the front of
the store for all the reduced yarn, and I have bought
their reduced stuff. It is really nice. I can't
afford it unless it is on sale. The problem is that I
tend to overbuy, so I don't go very often!

In fact, right now I am on a yarn diet, and doing
quite well, better than I am doing with my lose-weight

That was another great question!

Pamala at Dogs' Little Acre in SoCal

Anonymous said...

I get my yarn at one of 3 main locations, Walmart, Michael's, and AC Moore... occasionally I'll get it at a jo'anns and even rarer... at the LYS!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your still under the weather them colds seem like they hang on for ever. I have had some kind of cold on and off sence November. I swear I get one more and I'm running away from anyone that even seems sick. But then again I start babysitting my 2 grandboys starting next week the one goes to preschool so I'm sure I will be getting another. lol
Anyway I buy most of my yarn at Walmart once in awhile at Michael's, JoAnn's if on sale. I don't like to spend too much on yarn because I do so many other crafts too, and I do have a pretty good size stash.
Good luck to you on getting into the biggest loser.

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