Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday, Day 16 and counting

Well I am glad to see I am not the only one that is a little un-organized when it comes to patterns.

I thought today we would do another cartoon caption... Something to lighten the day a little as we get ready for the weekend.

So take a look at the cartoon above and post in the comments section a caption that you think will apply to this picture.

The one we did last week made me laugh and smile at every one posted, so I am looking forward to getting some new laugh lines today.{{{wink}}}

Have a wonderful day, keep those needles clicking away, and rememeber to smile alot along the way


Wendy said...

The Hen Knitters

SimplyMe said...

And they think that easter eggs come from bunnies!

PBK KNITS said...

Chick with sticks drops the ball

Janette said...

So, anyone know when Rooster is coming home?

Katie O said...

Finally a bit a peace before the chicks come home... Gotta get this done!!

SimplyMe said...

You've NEVER had a margarita, my dear???? We WILL change that next time you're here!!!! I WILL have found a good recipe by then. That just CANNOT continue, ya know.

Love the captions ladies!! Thanks for all the smiles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!

I sure hope you are getting my entries!

Here is my suggested caption to the knitting hens:

So, tell us Tillie: Is that a ball of yarn down
there, or are you just happy to see us?!!

Take care!
Pamala at Dogs' Little Acre in SoCal

Mary Ann said...

Weekly Craft Club Cluckers!

Anonymous said...

Oh rats! I've dropped a stitch.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Anonymous said...

with a knit knit here and a purl purl there here a knit there a purl all we do is knit knit knit.

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