Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wow is this the 8th day of the contest already?

Wow what a week huh?

Ok first things first...

Yesterdays answer... there were 560 YoYo's in the pictured afghan... 20 across and 28 down. Why such an odd number? Well I knit/crochet squares for charity and they are usually about 8", and it looked to me that 16 YoYo's sewn together made about an 8" square. Close Knit Hugs is the charity I work with and her afghans are usually 5 squares across and 7 squares long.

At first I was making the YoYo's whenever I had scrap yarn around after making a square or other project. I kept them in a washed out coffee can (hint... if you do ever do this, TUCK in those ends right away, don't wait until you have 500 of them, lol)It takes about 3 minutes to make a YoYo so they work up fast. Once I was ready to start trying to connect them (it looked complicated but really wasn't) I realised I needed more colors so I started making YoYo's on purpose.

My grandson Adam loved watching me work with this project, he will be three in September and he would sit there and point out all the colors in the afghan. BLUE, ORNGE, LELLOW... I am already collecting more YoYo's and maybe by the end of the year I'll have enough to make another one.

Now for today's assignment...


As for me... Close Knit Hugs was my first. I have also been making squares for Victory Junction Gang (a NASCAR charity for terminally ill children)I have many more charities I'd like to donate to but haven't yet done it. I'd like to add another one each year as my yarn supplies last.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone today...
It's Wednesday, church night for me, I consider it my mid-week pick up. May you also be renewed today.

Aunt Kathy


Anonymous said...

I have donated squares at Michael's through Warm Up America! :-)

Wendy said...

I have donated squares for Military afghans, scarfs for Germany, washcloths for various places and just too many things to mention. I am a member of Hugs and Stitches and All the Loves Many Cloths groups. I also adopted my local Domestic Violence Shelter and make cloths and bears for them monthly and am working on doing afghans and other little things for them for Christmas. That is basically all I do is crochet to give and on occasion do something for my kids and friends.

Unknown said...

I have donated through my local yarn store, River City Yarns, as well as angels through Angels with Heart.


PBK KNITS said...

I have donated hats to our local cancer center, squares to Warm Up America, and now I have started a charity knitting/crochet group at my church. We are making items to donate to are youth shelter for homeless young people, some have babies so we are making for teens and babies.

Katie O said...

I've also started working on squares for the victory junction gang, but haven't sent my box yet. I'm working on baby hats for newborns in need. I've sent dishcloths over to Iraq to my uncle and his group to try and stay clean over there! and there are many others I'm finding that I just wish I had the time for, but am going to do a project for each one and just keep rotating!

Anonymous said...

My mom, sister and I all make several blankets a year for Project Linus. It's our "thing" that we do together. My sister quilts, my mom crochets and I knit.
I have also donated scarves to the Red Scarf Project. They send knit scarves in care packages to parent-less kids going off to college for the first time. I am currently knitting a bear for The Mother Bear Project so an orphan in an AIDS stricken community in Africa can have his or her own teddy bear. I love turning my passion for knitting into something that will bring love and comfort to someone who needs it.

Anonymous said...

I have crochet many squares to donate through my other group.

Anonymous said...

I have donated patriotic pins and armbands to the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia - for a fundraiser.
I am in the process of knitting kitty blankets (blankets for in the cages) for the local animal shelter.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Debbie said...

I have never had the opportunity or time to knit anything for charity it seems like all I evre do is work and clean.I am so envious of everyone that can make specialty items I am a dishcloth,scarve,and a starter for an afgan person,I have had one on the needles for a month the needles I bought is gigantic so it is not suppose to take a long time LOl I can put them to shame lol

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