Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day Four is here

Wow, it's been 4 days already, and only 27 more to go, LOL.

Comments were light again yesterday, all the more chance for those who did comment to win the prize, right?

I actually found a new pattern because of a comment made to the blog (it didn't register on the blog though) so it was a win win situation for me.

Let's see what shall we do today...

I love to write poems and rhymes you see
They are usually such a release for me
But knitting and crocheting is my passion
Making gifts that I hope are in fashion

My only setback, an here I shall wink
Is my FAVORITE color is any shade of PINK

So what is your favorite color to work with???

Leave a comment, and have another chance to win the monthly prize.

It's Saturday. May this be a great start to the weekend for us all.

Aunt Kathy


LindaR said...

My favourite colour to work with is actually multicoloured. Because then I feel that I'm working faster because of the colour changes.

Anonymous said...

Greens are my favorite. I'm with you, theka, becuase I like to feel that I'm getting something done and the color changes keep it interesting!

PBK KNITS said...

I enjoy using all the colors, I have never really been able to choose a fav....LOL.

Katie O said...

I like purples and blues... I think they show the patterns better!

Prairie Chicken said...

My favorite color to work with is Purple-any shade I can find. The problem I have is my kitchen it in shades of RED and Brown-but I still will try to get purple cloths in my kitchen regardless. Also, most people do not use purple so I just keep them for myself.

I do like yellow and blues and sny shades of them, even varigated kinds. So you can say I am a "varigated knitter of yarns".

God's blessings and peace,

Prairie Chicken

I know it doesn't count, but I did go back and comment on the first three days also. Ir was mre for me than anything.

Debbie said...

I like whatever color I am working on at the moment lol.I have quite a few projects going.I have tons of colors .Because everything I see I must have.My daughter keeps telling me mom you dont need that color you already have it,Lol I say to her her this is my fun leave me alone.

Lil Knitter said...

I love the varigated yarns in earth tones. But sometimes I like to change it up and use something and yellow.

JoanK said...

I'm more likely to have a non-favourite colour than a favourite. I also like the variegated yarns but in solids, I do love teals (any of the blue-greens), purples from bright almost magenta down to mauves and lavender.

Mary Ann said...

My favorite color to work with is white because then I can put anything with it. I can add colors for the border or even embroider different things on the piece I'm making. So many possibilities!!

Wendy said...

Let's see my favorite color to work with is, HMMM.... I would have to say varigated in any colors, I just love when they actually make a pattern. Did a square in RH mexicana and It came out looking like diamonds.

Anonymous said...

I like just about any color but I am especially drawn to sage greens and heather greys...I like my colors like I like my knitting: SOFT & MELLOW!

Janette said...

my first reply didint' come through so I hope this one does...anyway, my favorite color to use is red...the brighter, the better.

Joyce said...

My favorites are blues, pinks/purples, with green. A variegated mix of those is my favorite, all the time. Like an English Country garden.

Anonymous said...

I also love pink but also love purple too.

Anonymous said...

I like knitting with teal. (Much like joank.)
I find it to be a calming colour to go along with the calming effect of the knitting itself.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Anonymous said...

For personal items, my favorite colors are creams,
pinks and burgundies. Okay, that's three, not one. I
guess I also need to learn to follow directions!

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