Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's Sunday, day 5 of the August contest

This has really been alot of fun and I love visiting the blogs of all the people who have left comments. Since I am a relatively new blogger, I love seeing all the different things you all have on your blogs.

Looks like Varigated yarn was the most popular in yesterdays question. I love all yarn, all colors. However I am just learning that there are other types then "red heart acryllic" LOL that's all I ever used. Now though I am eager to try all types, like suede, boucle, cotton and well the list goes on and on

My question today is:

What type of yarn have you been hoping to try and what do you want to make with it?
(If you have tried every yarn out there... I am so jealous... then what is your absolute favorite type?)

As for me when I am finally thin (yes it is gonna happen) I want to find the softest pink yarn, (a pastel pink)like cashmere or something, and find a sweater pattern and make one for myself. I have invisioned this many times, so far have never seen the exact yarn or sweater pattern but I will know when I see it. Until then it's a dream.

Well it's Church day and then NASCAR after that. Who could ask for a better day? My grandson has gone back home, my husband is off to a Yankee game in NYC and I am on my own for the day. I see lot's of knitting in my afternoon.


Mary Ann said...

I haven't tried the seude yarn and I'm dying to try it. I think an afghan in it would be wonderful, but probably out of my price range. So I'd probably start with a purse, think I can afford the yarn for that! lol

LindaR said...

I really really want to try NORO Kureyon, or Cashmerino.
For the Noro I would make my friend wristwarmers, and with the Cashmerino a baby jacket or booties.

Wendy said...

The yarn I would like to try is chenille,and I would love to make me a very big and cozy blankie with it. For myself, I never make myself anything.

ikkinlala said...

I'd like to try bamboo yarn (no particular brand), and I'd probably make myself a simple pair of socks.

JoanK said...

I would love to try cashmere and make a lacy pi shawl with it! Aiming high - but, ad astra per aspera

Katie O said...

I am intrigued by all of the "organic" yarns out there... bamboo, cotton, among many others. I would like to try those(no particular brand, either)

OH, and I'll be watching Nascar along with you today... My fiance and I are attending the Michigan race in just a few weeks... it will be my first one... I'm very excited!

Katie O said...

Opps, and I would probably make a blanket or scarf(forgot to put that in the first post!

Anonymous said...

I would like to try knitting with silk yarn. A t-shirt top.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Janette said...

I would really like to try any of the "exotic" yarns out there but I'm too cheap to pay what they want for them so, if it doesn't go on sale, it will always be a dream...LOL

Anonymous said...

I have had my eye on chenille. I would love to make myself an oversized sweater in this yarn. Don't see me doing that anytime soon seeings how I have sooo many projects to do for Christmas. Also all the other things going on right now in my life.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of ribbon yarns, either mixed or
plain. I want to learn to do the drop stitch so I can
make some nifty scarves with ribbon, but I can't quite
figure it out, plus the ribbon yarn that I do have is
hard to keep from tangling.

I am in the process of working up my courage to do a
scarf using some ribbon that I got on sale CHEAP and I
am going to hold you to your offer!


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