Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August Contest Day 21

Well here I am again. I have to admit I am not feeling well at all. I think I was in bed 3/4 of the day yesterday and expect today to be much of the same. Finally at 10pm I was able to at least crochet a square for charity but that was it.

Because I am not very creative today and can't think of a question or a riddle (stuffy head) I thought maybe a cartoon caption would work. I accidently cut off part of the creators signature when I saved it, so if by some chance the cartoon drawer comes by I want you to have full credit for the drawing.

Day 21 contest assignment...

Think of a caption to go with this cartoon and post your thoughts in the comment section for your entry today... No answer is right or wrong, just have fun, whatever comes to your mind.

They say laughter is the best medicine, maybe we will all feel better after reading your comments today. Especially ME.

See you all tomorrow...
Aunt Kathy


Katie O said...

I gotta finish the world's longest scarf before the Guiness book of world records get here... that knot cost me sooo much time... ARGH!!!

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well Kathy. I don't either but mine is self induced by camping for 3 days in the pouring rain, trying to see my first nascar race. Argh! Hope you are better tomorrow!

Wendy said...

Only 2 more Grandkids to make houses for. Got to get goin.

Hope you feel better soon........

Anonymous said...

Eunice accidently mixed up blueprints with her knitting pattern, and now she's not sure if she's knitting a sweater or a ranch house.

Mary Ann said...

I've almost used up all my stash!! Only a few more to go!!

Feel better Kathy!

SimplyMe said...

D***, they can build em faster than I can insulate them. Do you think.....I sure hope they like PINK.....waiiiiiiiiiiit, I gotta get this house cover done before the cookies come out of the oven.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

I'm so sorry to read that you are under the weather.
Get better soon!

Here is my caption: "It's getting harder and harder
to keep up with the Joneses! I think they just added
a fourth bedroom!"

Take care,
Pamala at Dogs' Little Acre in SoCal

Anonymous said...

must use this yarn, can't buy more till I do, must use this all this yarn.
Hope you feel well soon my prayers are with you

Anonymous said...

AK, I hope you're better soon!
Here's my caption!

'Doreen took the 'Log Cabin' pattern to heart and knitted a true to size example...'

Debbie said...

Knit one purl two I should almost be done with this I wonder how much more yarn I have .I have to finish so I can have a reason to go to my lys. Kathy I so hope you feel better soon I will keep you in my prayers and I just wanted to let you know I look forward to your blog everyday

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