Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 17 of the August contest

Good Morning

My grandson Adam is here and wants to play NOGGIN games on the computer... He does not understand my need to BLOG, lol.

I loved the captions yesterday, as usual you all made me smile.

My first caption thought was...


Not as good or creative as all yours were though.

Today's contest assignment...


For me I usually do a dishcloth, and a repeat pattern that works up fast. For me seeing something finished quickly always boosts my spirits. I will also, when I can't seem to find the energy for anything, crochet a square and with each stitch I seem to re-awaken.

Looking forward to your comments.

Happy Friday everyone, I am off to play toddler games.


Anonymous said...

In times of stress etc a simple garter stitch rectangle bag to knit is just the ticket. Even better if you use wool and can then felt the heck out of it.

lyndat65 at tpgdotcomdotau

Wendy said...

I usually do a cloth. Like you said it works up fast so I get almost instant gratification, I love to start with nothing and end up with something.

Janette said...

If I'm depressed I do nothing but hide all day but if I'm bored I will either start a new project or make a cloth.

SimplyMe said...

I agree!!! IF I can get to the needles, I work on something basic in garter stitch, or I crochet a simple square. OR if it's really bad and I need out of the house....I go in search of new yarn. Sad, but so

Katie O said...

I usually work on a baby blanket or a prayer shawl... makes me reflect on myself and it usually puts things in perspective! Cuz the gifts are for other people... and makes me remember how blessed I am... even if I'm upset about a current situation!

Debbie said...

I think I am like another one lol I like to make dishclothes and think about what it will look like it gets my mind off of a matter and lets me think somethings are not as bad as we portray them "if only for the moment " knit one purl one

Mary Ann said...

I like to make up potholders when I'm stressed. I have some pretty patterns that work up fast and I love having the satisfaction of getting it done quickly.

Anonymous said...

At a time of stress, I have a stronger urge to knit the Lionbrand dishcloth pattern in two colours: using a solid colour for the first two rows, and a variegated colour for the next two rows. (Ahem - it is pretty on BOTH sides, unlike a certain ballband pattern.)

I want and need to knit this pattern regularly - and that feeling gets even stronger when I am stressed or depressed or sick or tired (or any combination of those things).
Is that strange, or what?

Like now, when google will not let me leave a comment on Mary Ann's blog to ask her about her potholder patterns. (Because google doesn't remember my password when I try to login - *sometimes* it doesn't remember!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

Great question!

When I am feeling down, if I have a Michaels coupon, I
go there and browse the yarns and knitting/crocheting
doodads, their books and maybe the beads. I am DYING
to learn to do stuff with beads!

If I don't want to go out, I will admire my stash, and
maybe start a cloth or a garter stitch scarf or a cat
"doily" to donate.

Have a wonderful weekend Kathy!
Pamala at Dogs' Little Acre in HOT HOT HOT SoCal

Anonymous said...

I usually like to do something challenging that way I have to consentrate and that helps me put my mind away from my troubles.

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