Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 22, only 9 days left

Wow this month has really gone by pretty fast. I have calculated that I have had 1264 visits to my blog since August 1st. That's an average of 60 people a day, wow.

Loved the cartoon captions as expected and thank you everyone for the get well wishes. I am still not feeling better yet but I know it's just a matter of time. I know Jesus heals just sometimes the symptoms don't get the message.

By the way my cartoon caption would have been:

Hearing a harsh winter was approaching and Edgars concerns of the house and garage needing new insulation, Ida decided to help using her "pink panther" colored wool yarn.

Today will be a question day...


Gosh I am tired. It's church night, I hope I am feeling up to it, I really want to be there.

Have a great day everyone.

Aunt Kathy


Wendy said...

Yes I have often thought about doing that. Probably a scarf. I do cloths everyday though, but they are for Loves Many Cloths for charity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would love to do something like that. A scarf or dishcloths would probably be best though. I would not want to subject anyone to a sock that I made just yet!

Janette said...

I've done lots of exchanges/swaps. It's so much fun but I go into panic mode worrying about getting my project done before the deadline, that it takes all the fun out of it for me...I havent' done one for a long time...

Lisa said...

yes, but my favorite thing to knit is a baby item... I don't know if anyone would want to do that with me.....

Katie O said...

Yes I have... I just always worry that I will get super crazy busy at work and I would be late and make my partner upset!! I would never want to do that. But I would love to do an exchange of some sorts.:) Keep working on feeling better. :)

Debbie said...

I am in a monthly echange now I just started this month dishcloths I think it will be fun and I am excited beings I have never done this before I think scarves would be fun to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy!

I was reading your blog and I got to the part about
your birthday. Absolutely a lot of it sounds like
you! So then I clicked on the link and put in my own
birthday (April 5) and MINE IS THE SAME AS YOURS!!!

Okay, here is my answer to Day 22:

This is actually something that I've been thinking
about! I want to participate, but I have reservations
because the packages (why do they call them puffies,
btw?) that people send sound so wonderful and I would
hate to disappoint my recipient with an item (a
dischcloth would be my choice to send) that didn't
live up to her expectations. As you know, I am fairly
new to knitting and crocheting.

Well, there you have it! I hope you are feeling
better very soon.

Pamala at Dogs' Little Acre in SoCal

SimplyMe said...

I've done dishcloths, scarves and now socks. I love doing it, but it's time to take a break...between charity stuff and exchange stuff, I have a lot of stash that was bought to BE things that I still want. YKWIM?

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, Hope you're feeling up to going to church. Feel better soon.

Yes, God does do things in his own time and way! We've been very concerned over money lately. It's been a constant prayer for something to happen to take the load off of my dh's shoulders. Today at my craft club, a lady I know, and is kind of a friend but not close, heard me say that our phone was off due to lack of money. She called me into the kitchen and handed me a very nice check! I almost fainted. She said that they had just had the closing on their house up in Conn. and she wanted me to have this money! When I told my dh, he couldn't believe it! Not only could we pay the phone, but also the impending car insurance that he has been worrying about! Thank you God for sending her to me!

Now to your question for today. I have been involved in exchanges. I enjoy getting things that other people have made, but I'm usually worried about how much it will cost me to send out something. I've done coasters, potholders, 12" squares, small squares. It's really fun. But I'm like someone else who posted, I really enjoy making things for babies.

Anonymous said...

I did a doll swap group for many years but then had to let it go for now because they did a doll every other month and it was just to much for me. I did however do a couple of the holiday swaps which was alot of fun. I love dolls and never finish anything for my self.
I did the dishcloth exchange this time and really enjoyed it. It was very easy and fun.
I am going to start making scarfs for the warming tree for children in need. I have alot of fun fur to use up and I figured that be the best way.

Michelle said...

Hi Kathy,

I"m a day late.. just never got much time on the computer to blog surf...

I'm praying for a quick recovery for you!

I have done a few exchanges/swaps... and really enjoy doing them, but totally understand how folks can get stressed about the packages... I got OVERLY spoiled once from someone and had already sent her my package which wasn't NEARLY as nice as the one I received... perhaps a much smaller swap that didn't include extras would be a good choice!

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