Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's August First, Let The Fun Begin

Greeting old friends and new, I am excited about this contest. I love blog hopping and hope to meet many new bloggers I may not have found otherwise.

Here's a riddle for everyone today...

Sometimes it's corn, sometimes it's fruit
Sometimes it's yogurt, isn't that a hoot?
But to me this item doesn't come from a farm
Nope to me this item is a type of yarn.

What is it?

I look forward to hearing your comments, and wrong or right if you comment you are entered. Tomorrow I will reveal the answer to this riddle, so don't forget to come back and play again.


Lisa said...

Souns like candy to me.....

SimplyMe said...

OMG are you trying to fry my brain?????? You succeeded!

Aunt Kathy said...

Hi Lisa and Shelly...
Geez I thought the riddle was gonna be too easy. But hey you don't have to get the answer right (and maybe you did), you just have to post a comment. Tomorrow I will reveal the correct answer.

I hope more people stop by to guess.

Prairie Chicken said...

It sounds like a cream something like PnC or SonC., but corn can be cream of corn, yogurt can be used as a base for making a cream in some reciepes, so it could be some form of 'cream' yarn-a soft and smooth yarn to make dishcloths etc with.

Anonymous said...

Candy, orange, cream(y) - nothing I can think of
fits all the categories. I think this means that I
need to go to my LYS!!!

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