Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 3 of the August Contest

Well now that's much better we had 23 comments on Day 2.

Those dishcloths were the Wave Pool cloths I made for my mom to give as VBS thank you gifts. I blogged about them in June and July so you probably could have found the answer in my older posts... the number of cloths in the picture were 25... I did actually end up making 31 of them by the time I was done.

Congratulation to those who guessed correctly you will get 2 entries for that.

Now onto day 3...

I think today I will ask a question...

Have you ever made a gift for someone else and loved it so much you wished you could keep it for yourself? What was it?

Ok that's the assignment today, hope we have a good response again. I am going to have to keep my brain working to come up with 31 different assignments, LOL

Happy Friday everyone, thanks for coming and playing and making my day brighter.


Katie O said...

I actually made a prayer shawl for a family friend and the pattern turned out so well, I wanted to keep it and snuggle up myself... but she needed it more then I and someday i will make my own prayer shawl for myself!! :)

Wendy said...

Yes I have, I made my neice a Poncho for her birthday and after doing it wish I could have kept it for my daughter.

Anonymous said...

I made a dishcloth - first time knitting that pattern. It turned out that she didn't like the pattern overly much. But I did (still do).
I hope she is using it.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Prairie Chicken said...

I didn't make it but I have bought a ceramic rooster I would have loved to have kept it for myself. I was not knitting then.

God's blessings and peace,
Prairie Chicken

Anonymous said...

I belonged to a doll swap group a couple of years ago and made my first dress out of thread. She was done in pinks and it turned out beautiful. Even my dd couldn't believe how pretty it was. If there had been time I would have made a different one and kept her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely! I have made several scarves (a
newbie specialty!) that I wanted to keep, but the
people I was making them for already knew about them.
I think this means that I need to learn to keep my bit
mouth shut!

Pamela Dogs Little Acre

Anonymous said...

My answer is:
I once made an afghan called the snowflake afghan (which I lost the pattern for) and just loved it when it was finished. Lots of motifs to crochet and piece together. My husband's cousin came for a visit and fell in love with it so I just had to give it to him thinking I could always make another. Now that I've lost the pattern I will probably never make another :(

May God's angels watch
over you and keep you safe

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