Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday- Wishes

Yep it's April 15th Taxes are done the result...??? Speaking of affording things... I am the first one to NOT have a cent to spare. But my heart breaks for the children. I was visiting Mels blog today (finally catching up since I've been sick) and I saw that she was supporting March for Dimes with a megar goal of $100. I donated $10, it's barely a drop but babies are so precious and what's $5 or $10? A lunch at McDonalds, a couple Coffee's to go instead of making your own? I hope I don't turn anyone away but if you have $1, $5, $10 or more please click on the picture and donate. Your heart will feel good. I lost an infant at birth, there was no chance to save or know what was wrong with my daughter but there is HOPE for these babies. If you choose to donate, I would love to send you something. For you knitters a ball of cotton maybe or some homemade stitch markers... (if I ever start playing with my sculpy clay), for you non knitters how about I make you a dishcloth? It's not a bribe, simply a thank you. The walk is in 9 days and we need $90 to meet Mel's goal... that's doable, right?

So tax season is over... I read this question over on Knitty Kitty's blog and thought I'd use it myself... Are you a last minute tax return filer, waiting to rush to the PO before it closes or are you ready to submit everything on Jan 31st hoping to get that savings account, I mean refund in ASAP? Post a comment today to get Wednesdays entry in this weeks contest.
Speaking of contests... I heard about this one earlier today and I wanted to mention it here ASAP as it ends on Friday. Easy like mine all you need to do is leave a comment, but you can do a couple other things for extra entries if you like. Click on the picture to go to the blog post and rules.

Well I haven't knit a thing today, been playing blog catch up all day. Tomorrow I hope to start something. I am off to shower now and then church. Thought I'd blog early today and not rush around tonight for a change.
Hope you all had a wonderful, stress free day, and an even better evening. Sweet Dreams.


Maria said...

I don't do our taxes, someone else does, but we usually send them the end of January or February. We just got our AZ state back yesterday!!!!

Renna said...

We file our taxes just as soon as all the necessary forms are received in the mail!

Grace said...

we pay every year and we pay on APril 15th not a day sooner

Sew Many Stitches said...

We bounce around between Feb, Mar and Apr - back when we got a refund we were the ones always ready on Jan 31.

SimplyMe said...

whenever the man decides he's gonna do it.

Unknown said...

I do our taxes and they were ready to go on January 31, although I waited until the suggested February 11 or 12 or whenever it was that Congress was still goofing around with the changes.

Unknown said...

I'm an early bird when it comes to taxes, only because I get a refund. If I had to pay, well, it'd be in the mail at 11:59 on April 15.

There are so many great charities to donate to, it's almost hard to pick just one. I hope I can add a drop to the bucket, but I dont' know for sure at this point. Have a great day!!

Krista M said...

I usually have our taxes done sometime before March, but this year I was so confused about our state taxes that I didn't send off the PA taxes until Tuesday and probably won't get the DE taxes in until their due date on the 30th. It's been a real mess this year, but I hope everything works out and we won't have to owe as much as I think we will.

teabird said...

Love the picture - can't afford the cat, indeed!

smariek said...

This year DH submitted them last week of March or 1st week of April. That's pretty early for us! We're such procrastinators.

Kenyetta said...

January 31st baby!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

We file in February so that we can pay off debts by March this year it was my van and a credit card but then Toms engine went cablooie and we had to get a loan to fix it isn't that just the way of
Congratulations Sweetie you won the Phat Fiber Mug on my 2 yr Blogaversary Giveaway!!!!
send me your info; Darcysknottyknitter[At]gmail[DoT]com and I will send it to Jessi:)((((Hugs)))) Darcy

Turtle said...

have a good night!

Awesome Mom said...

We have always gotten a refund but are slow to claim it because I hate doing the taxes. Oddly even though my husband is the one in charge of the bills now I still have to handle the taxes. It was so annoying to have to hunt down all the paperwork I needed because he did not put everything in one place. Everything got done in late March this year although I try and be earlier normally. I want my money.

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