Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday- Fiddlesticks, Howdy and Barnacles

I did finish a couple dishcloths too, but can't find the pictures of them, they are somewhere, LOL
I am, however, kinda proud of these mini socks and the Cravat. Both were a challenge for me and I managed to get both patterns down and I like the results. That doesn't happen often.
I still have to make one more mini sock as I joined the wee tiny sock swap. I got my partners info today and she likes pink, green, pumpkin and deep red. Gonna see if I have anything in those colors to use for her sock.
I was thinking today about those certain catch words I heard people say as I was growing up. My Nana used to say Fiddlesticks, and my dad used to say Howdy and now Adam, he cracks me up, when something isn't going just right he says "Oh Barnacles" Haha I wonder if I even knew what a Barnacle was at 4 years old? So for today's contest entry, tell me some of those "catch words" you remember from your youth. Post them in the comment section for your contest entry.
Brought Joe to physical therapy today and then we stopped at the grocery sstore. I wanted a picture proving how much room I had between my belly and the steering wheel, Joe got a little camera crazy, LOL.
There was a time when my stomach was so far pushed into the steering wheel I could barely turn it to drive, and that's why I basically stopped driving unless I had no other choice. Plus back then the steering wheel was tilted as high up as it would go too. Now it's tilted all the way down and look at all the room. No wonder I am driving around so much these days.
Adam and I had a great day. He is asleep now and I am close behind him. I have a slew of craft things I NEED to finish this weekend and I'd love to stay up late and work on some of them. But I think sleeping would be better for my sanity, maybe.
You all have a great night and sweet dreams.


Robynn's Ravings said...

You look so young and pretty! I'm so happy for you to be recapturing you life, Kathy. Truly. What a blessing. :)

We had an old reverend in our lives who always said "Goodnight Nurse!" It still pops out of my mouth from time to time.

Unknown said...

I can't think of any of those phrases right now. I do remember a time when "whatever" was the thing to say.
My kids say tartar sauce and fish sticks. Got it from spongebob, Ha!
You're looking good! Have a great day!

Mari said...

You are looking great!

Marissa said...

I LOVE your 'progress reports', they are so inspiring!
I had a neighbor who used to say 'shucks' all the time. Always used to make me think of oysters. My family went for the old-fashioned profanity, so it always made me laugh when she said, "oh, shucks!".

hakucho said...

You sure look like a kid :) I bet you feel a whole lot younger too! You should be proud of yourself!!

I'm probably really dating myself, but as kids we used to always say when we spied something we wanted we'd say ..."I high hosie that last cookie" . I think it's a Bostonian saying because my husband who grew up in the western part of MA didn't use that term. He used instead "I've got dibs on the last cookie :)

Anonymous said...

kathy you look fabulous! I stop and read often but never did post to you. Glad your doing so well. You deserve it girl! Keep on rockin

Renna said...

My dearly departed dad always said "dadgummit" when he got frustrated. I find myself saying it often, no doubt picked up from him when he was alive.

When I was a kid, I'd say "phooey", or "crapola". ;-Þ

Teresa said...

That is wonderful. You are looking terrific. I'm so proud of you.

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