Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday- Man am I tired

Adam zonked on Sunday afternoon. He never takes a nap. He was sitting on the couch with Papa watching the NASCAR race and then suddenly he was asleep.
I thought today I'd post a picture to see if you felt like making a caption for it.Post your caption idea in the comment section to receive an entry for today in the final contest week. Any comment will do, even if you can't think of a caption.
And the winner of last weeks contest is JANE. She was the 33rd comment and that's the number REGIS chose. So Jane give me a buzz and let me know which set of stitch markers you'd like.
I finished the dishcloths for the KnitDishcloths Yahoo group swap. And even got them in the mail today, they are going to the Outback so hopefully they will arrive in time.

Oh and I finished the dishcloth towel toppers too, they are boxed and ready to be mailed as well.

Did a lot of running around today, seems to be the norm for me these days. And after running around I went back to that apartment and did some more cleaning. Today I cleaned the oven, frig, freezer and bathroom floor. Supposed to go back tomorrow for more torture instructions.
Now I am going to go to bed... Hope you all had a wonderful day, sweet dreams. See you all Tuesday.


Turtle said...

it's bad but....Mrribbit!

Unknown said...

oh sorry, I have a cat in my throat. kaff* hack% gak##

SimplyMe said...

And reporting for the Muppets Live is Kermet the Kat.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Why was the frog hoarse?

He had a cat in his throat.

I see Patt had the same idea but I didn't read them first so I posted it anyway! lol

Renna said...

You get a lot of knitting done, Kathy, and it's all pretty!

I love the picture of Adam sleeping. He looks so angelic.

Unknown said...

Didja hear the one about the frog that ate the cat?

Adam looks so sweet. I love pics like that.

Natalie Rush said...

Wow...I wish I could get more knitting done! :) Love the picture of the sleeping Adam. :)

Unknown said...

When you're done cleaning that house, can you come over and do mine? LOL. I have LOTS of torture for you.
I love it when kids zonk out like that. Except when they wake up grumpy or stay up until 2am!
sounds like you're keeping busy. And the cloths look great, of course!

hakucho said...

Your dishcloths and towel toppers came out great :)

Jane said...

Me??? Thank you! They are all so pretty - surprise me!


Unknown said...

hi kathy love the dishcloths they look good. my photo comment is look into my eyes your getting verrrryyyy sleepy sleeepy lol giant frog head will hypnotize you

vbarton24 at gmail dot com

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Gollum from lord of the rings is what the kitten looks like;)Hugs Darcy
My hubby has been tdy for 2 weeks and I'm beyond exhausted so I know where your coming from.

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