Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday- Trying On A New Hat...

So I thought today I'd finally get started on that sock KAL I joined. We are knitting two socks at the same time on one circular needle using the magic loop method with this basic pattern. Now I didn't think I knew the magic loop method but I DO, so I got excited thinking I can DO this. So I bought the yarn and the new needles today at the LYS and I was READYDoesn't it look great? Yeah, it sat just like that on my bed all afternoon I was afraid to touch it and tangle it all up. But I finally decided it's now or never. I need to step out and go with the new, because the old just isn't fun anymore.
So far this is what I've accomplished...
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so stuck and confused. I got the cast on OK, and started the ribbing on the first half of sock one and then I was LOST. Now what? Who knows, maybe I need to frog it and start over or just start something else? Anyone live close enough to Upstate NY that wants to help me, please call, I'm in the book, under dazed and confused, LOL.
Today I think I'll just ease my inferiority complex by asking have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone to try something new and failed on your first try? It doesn't have to be knitting related, it could be cooking, or writing, or a sport whatever... Did you go back and try again? Tell me about your experience in the commebt section so I can draw from your successes and maybe keep trying. Any comment counts and gets you an entry for today.
OH and the caption I had in my mind for yesterday's tangled dog was... "Well it's your fault, you're the one who named me SWIFT."
So today I had my admissions interview at Bryant & Stratton College. I have decided after almost 30 years to finally go to college and get a degree.One day I may once again wear one of these. Better than one of these There are so many things out there to be learned but I have decided I want to go into a medical field for my new career. I am going to start out with Medical Administrative Assistant and then finish off with the actual Medical Assistant program. These will set me up to work in the home doing billing/coding/transcripting or out of the home in a DR office or hospital doing things like drawing blood and EKG's and monotiring, assisting, running units and offices etc. It's a HUGE growing field and I can easily support myself with either of these degree programs. Classes would start September 9th. I filled out the FAFSA forms on line today so we shall see if I can swing the cost. There are a lot of changes happening in my life right now and this is just the beginning.
I have been reading the April book for the WhoDuKnit group, it's called "The Husband" by Dean Koontz. I have never read any of his books, but I have to tell you I was hooked right on page ONE. The ironic thing is that I am reading a book about a husband that loves his wife more than anything, while this crazieness is going on all around me. Sometimes God's sense of humor is way over my head.
Well I think that's enough for today. I need to go to bed soon and dream about knitting socks and least in my dreams I actually knit them. Have a great night and sweet dreams.


Renna said...

I've never tried Magic Loop, but one day soon I hope to buy some Addis Turbos and give it a try.

I think it's great that you're going back to school, Kathy. My memory no longer works well enough or I'd do it myself, now that I finally have the time.

To tell the truth, starting a blog was stepping out of my comfort zone for me; talking about myself, to perfect strangers, that was a little discomforting! ;-Þ

Mari said...

Don't give up! I bet there is a video online that shows you how to cast on and get started on those socks using magic loop.

Good Luck!

Claudia said...

I stepped out of my comfort zone big time about 10 years ago when I was working at a church and the pastor asked if I would be willing to go back to college to get a degree in religious education. I had never gone to college the first time around because we didn't have money, so I took a deep breath and worked full time by day and took college courses by night. And I LOVED it! :)

Georgi said...

You can go back to school. We are never to old to try something new, I went back when I was 48 and got my degree, so I know you can do it.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Whoa! Good for you girl! That is so great and a huge inspiration. Very happy for you.

I have started and stopped more things than I care to remember. It always feels good to finish something but it can also feel like grace to accept that it's okay to walk away. I need a WHOLE lot more of the "finished it" feeling though. Thanks for the encouragement.

And THANK YOU for your support over at my place today. :)

sailorcross said...

Well, you have gotten further than I have on the 2 at a time KAL!! I haven't even gotten the needles or the pattern yet--yarn?? I have aplenty!!

But, I'm thinking that this isn't the time for me to learn to do this--just too much else going on right now!

Congrats on the stepping out of your comfort zone and applying for school!! What a great step--you'll see--God has great and wonderful plans for you!

So, you'll be doing basically the same thing I do.......


smariek said...

Going to school sounds like fun, always learning something new that is of interest. I'd do that myself if I had the time.

I understand how Magic Loop works, but am terrible at doing it. I tried it for about 10 secs. I'm sure it gets better with practice.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on taking that great step in going back to school. I did it in 2001, when my youngest was 8 months old and I was 46. I ended in 2007 with my MBA. Seriously, how wacky is that. I have to tell you that more than one of my teachers said that they prefer adult students over recent high school graduates. Adults are more committed, have more of a vested interest and, if they have kids especially, don't want to fail.

Good career choice. The medical field seems to be the only field that is booming.

By the way, for you and others doing magic loop, you do not have to use Addi Turbos. All you need is a very flexible cable. I actually prefer KnitPicks needles and cables. Knitpicks cables go up to 60" and the fixed cables have up to 47" on a size "O" to "3" needles.

You can use MagicLoop for anything you would use DPNs for except when it gets to a realllllly smalllllll area.

I have never done the two socks thing but have done magic loop with socks.

Good luck.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

oh wow! haha... knitting 2 socks at a time looks really confusing! lol... i haven't even knitted one sock at a time yet!! lol ;)
BTW, LOVED your caption for the dog photo!! I was really laughing out loud!! ;)
I hope you have a GREAT day!! :D

magnoliasntea said...

I bet you will love magic loop once you're familiar with it. I learned socks on dpns then went to ml and there is no way I'd use dpns now. If I was just learnin' I'd start all over again just to get comfy with the method. It's really easy once you do it a few times. And it totally annihilates SSS. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, the ML plunge, heh?
I tried it, but never finished a sock. Actually, I tried 2 at once on one needle. I got very confused as to where I was, so I decided to try one on 2 needles...but it was just too fiddly. Having to push the yarn to the end, flip the needles over...just too much hassle so I went back to my DPN's. Sure I have ladders, but I have a PAIR of socks instead of just one or some of two.

I'm glad you are going back to school. That is a monumental decision and I hope it all works out well for you.

As far as trying something and failing...I have this stubborn tendency to figure something out, no matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it is. If I set my mind to it, I will accomplish it. Maybe it's a way of having to "prove" myself, but I find that it works for me. If you really want to ML, you will find a way (knittinghelp.com has a great tutorial on ML).

leah said...

Good luck with the socks....I'm sure you remember my tutorial for 2 socks at a time on magic loop....I know it doesn't beat having someone right there with you!

Turtle said...

spinning, both with the drop spindle and the wheel. I am still actually perfecting the wheel but getting the drop spindle down. But then knitting was also on this list at one time!

Libby's Library said...

Kathy - I am so awed by your plans. I can't even begin to imagine going back to school. I'm sure that you can do this, and that you will be a great success. I think that I would enjoy taking classes online, but could not see myself actually "on campus".

I would say that, my continuing struggle with weight loss, has been my biggest "plunge". I've lost, gained, lost, gained, lost and then gained some more. Why do I keep going back to the same old bad habits? I need to lose, and KEEP IT OFF. I don't have a ridiculous goal in mind. I don't need to be a twig...but I do need to lose at least 75 lbs, and 100 lbs., would actually be a healthier goal.
I hope that you successes will be an inspiration to me!!!

Kenyetta said...

I have mastered magic loop just not sock knitting with it yet. I prefer dpns.
Every time I try to crochet or when we tried to make yeast rolls- FAIL!
I did a medical assistant program, it was good, a stepping stone for me into nursing. I would just make sure there is a market in your area for MA. When I lived in the Bronx, only bilingual MA's and in VA, very few jobs for MA. Medical coding and billing is fun!
Best of luck to you! I am sure you will conquer this too!

cici said...

a KAL.. sounds like fun.. I need to get give it a try. Hooray for new beginnings♥

Knitnut,Karen said...

Good for you on returning to school! I've always wanted to,but never did.

Trudy said...

I know there are wonderful tutorials about 2 socks on Magic Loop--Like Leah's at http://knittinggiraffe.blogspot.com. (She's already commented). But I get just as confused and addlepated as you do! I need some hands on help, too, but I applaud you for trying. And more, I applaud you for your ongoing education and enthusiasm about it!

Cat said...

Honey you are an inspiration to all. Don't worry you will get the magic loop I know you will. How ironic about that book - I caved in I joined the Who group. I have heard so much about this book I figured might as well join you all.


Maria said...

awesome!! I want to try Magic Loop, actually I have!!! But I tore it apart and put the needles away...lol...

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