Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday- Sometimes I Wonder...

Well this has been a weekend of all weekends. I had high hopes, thought things were going really good. But then the bomb drops. There is always a bomb isn't there? But I am not going to dwell on this negative stuff. Instead let's look at finished dishcloth number two.
Feather and Fan... knitted in Peaches and Creme Licorice

This is truly one of my favorite patterns, super easy, pattern repeats are not complicated so no pattern pages to carry around, and it's just beautiful.
After church today I took Adam and Christopher (my son Jim's friend's son, is that as confusing as it sounds to me?) to McDonalds for lunch and to play on the slide. We were there for 2 hours and they had a blast. I actually ate myself, OK I didn't eat MYSELF, I ate McDonalds food. LOL I ordered the grilled chicken snack wrap and took the chicken out of the wrap and just ate the chicken and I had a side salad. It was just enough food, didn't make me sick and kept me from having a starving day like I had last week because I hadn't eaten all day. It's nice to know that I can basically eat anywhere, it's all about choices. It always has been. I just finally GET it.
I wore one of the new shirts I got last night from my husband's cousin's wife (geez another confusing sounding explanation)and even I thought it made me look thinner. I took a picture in the mirror in the McDonald's bathroom, LOL. I was in there four times with Adam. I swear food goes through him faster then it does me and I have a medical reason for that.
Tomorrow I will announce the winner for this weeks contest prize and what the prize will be. It's just small prizes weekly since I am giving away 5 prizes this month. Hopefully one of the contest months this year will have just a grand prize winner with a more expensive prize at the end instead of weekly. Unless of course you all prefer the weekly small ones. I like to go with the flow you know. Hey that rhymes.
Well I hope you all had a great weekend, and that your ready for the Monday on the way. It's a rat race out there, are you prepared for whatever may come?

Sweet dreams


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

oh no kathy!! I will be praying for you tremendously!!! I hope everything is ok!! :( You are so right about choices... everything in life is all about choices and the consequences of our choices... God's been showing me that lately... I really like that dishcloth... it looks lovely! :D I didn't even know their was such a thing as licorice peaches and cream! ;)
Anyways, I hope your monday goes well!! Maybe the bomb will turn out to be a just a little firecracker?! I will pray so!! :D

sailorcross said...

Remember, I am here for you--always here.

Now, on to more pleasant things--I love this licorice yarn, and have made a few dishcloths myself from this. They usually go to my youngest who loves this color combination.

Choices--always about the choices we make, isn't it? We are presented with something, and we have a choice--from the big to the small--which do we choose? Our way or God's way?

We know the answer--sometimes we're just stubborn, impatient or not looking in the right direction.

It all comes down to the choice.


Unknown said...

Yep, there's always a bomb. But your here, and I'm here so it's all good. I hope things get better!
The cloth looks good. Very nice.
When you gonna post the pic of yourself? I got all excited, but no pic :(
Oh well, I know you will post it soon.
Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Always a bomb!!!

But, the upside is that you are focusing on the positive stuff!! Good for you.

I hate McDonalds. We were on a road trip this weekend and my hubby stopped at Wendy's TWICE both coming and going. The first time, we stayed in the car. The second was also a potty break so I convinced him that we should eat in. The goal was to have a salad (I did).

Do you find slowing down while eating hard?

Libby's Library said...

Kathy- all too often I find myself wolfing my food down. I guess it became a habit when the kids were small. If I didn't eat at warp speed, cold food would be warm and hot foods would be cold. I'm trying really hard, to break this habit...but it's deeply ingrained!

Hope you have a great week AND stop by my place in a little while. I have a little something for you!

leah said...

Thanks for the reminder that we always have a choice!

SimplyMe said...

I love that color way. The dishcloth turned out great.

Krista M said...

Yes, there is always something! I am happy now when something happens, because when the next shoe drops I can look back on other stressful times in my life and know I got through them, I can get through this one too. Boy I bet you never thought I would be so positive about sorrows, but I have really learned from the past year and a half. Hope you have a great week, in spite of the troubles!

smariek said...

It's a funny thing. In my first year of knitting, I would look at Feather & Fan and go oooh aaah, it was such a pretty pattern and I wanted to knit it. I eventually learned how to do it but haven't actually made a finished object with it. Now years later, I still think it is a pretty pattern but I have absolutely no strong desire to knit it. I agree with you that it is such an easy pattern that you can just take it with your on the go for quickie dishcloth projects.

I end up at McD's way more often that I would like. More frequently since DD was born than in the decade before her birth ! Guess it's a side effect of having a kid... although I didn't really frequent McD or other fast food places when I was a kid.

It as great how you can keep a positive attitude.

RoamingKnitter said...

Where is the photo of the slimmer you in your new shirt? I wanna see. I'm praying for you right now that all will work out for you, whatever the bomb is.

I enjoy F&F patterns. They are easy and always look good. Your cloth looks great.

Kenyetta said...

I was looking for the photo too!
Stay positive- you are an inspiration!

Wendy said...

Just checking in really quick....Hope you are doing well...
Miss You........

Turtle said...

sounds like a good day!

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