Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday- Folding it In

Well the verdict is in. I finally folded all the clothes I was given recently. Remember how you all guessed what was there? Well here is the breakdown:

11 Long sleeved sweaters
22 Pairs of pants/capris
1 Pair of shorts
1 Belt
6 Pairs of pajamas
7 Thermal type long sleeve shirts
8 Dressy long sleeved shirts
10 Short sleeve shirts
10 Sleeveless shirts
1 Scarf with a matching storage bag
1 Bra
4 Pairs of brand new underwear (Fancy too)
2 Camisoles

That is a total item count of 84 Pieces. WOW, huh?

I have a feeling that my Winter 2009 those sweaters won't fit me anymore but hopefully the pants WILL. They are still a little hard to get on right now.

OK here's my question for the day... Do you have enough storage room for all your clothes? Are you keeping only fitting sizes out in the open or do you have wishful sizes taking up room there too? Post any commet and receive todays entry for the contest.
I decided to start the One Skein Carvat today... what is a Carvat anyway? I have no clue. I am almost to the next part of the instructions where I have to divide stitches, and then after that I have to combine stitches. NO CLUE what I am supposed to do there. I hope to take it one word at a time, but if you come back and see I forgged something you'll know I freaked out, LOL

Adam and I had a really busy day today. I am pretty tired so maybe I'll get here earlier tomorrow and talk about it a little. But right now I am off to dreamland. Hope you all have a wonderful night and sweet dreams too.



Turtle said...

Room? No not quite. It isn't really a room problem more than the fact that the closet needs a good organizing system so we can utilize it's space.

Renna said...

I have multiple sizes hanging in my walk-in closet, but keep only those things which fit me in my dresser drawers. I don't have nearly enough room. Does any woman?

Susan said...

I live in an old house and that means the closets are really small so no I don't have enough room for all my clothes. I have to rotate the clothes according to the seasons. Which makes the changing seasons pretty hard.

hakucho said...

Luckily I have boys, so I was able to take over part of their closets otherwise I would never have enough room in my closet for all my clothes. I really need to weed out what I have someday! Hope you have room to store all your new clothes :)

The stitch markers came in the mail today and they are even prettier in person. Now I have to find a project needing stitch markers to try them out. I've never had such fancy markers before...lucky me :)

Thank you so much :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

I could utilize my space better and need to gut my closet. I love being organized and hate organizing!~

Libby's Library said...

While one of my daughters was visiting a few weeks ago, we cleaned out my closet. We purged at least 3 large garbage bags, and took them to a local thrift store -where the procedes go for charitable works. The rest of the clothes were reorganized in the closet, and all "out of season" clothing was packed away in a GIANT Space Bag.
I was so happy with the results, that as soon as I get home, I'm gonna tackle the upstairs closet!!!

Unknown said...

There's 8 of us living in our house. there will never be enough room for everything, LOL. The clothes sit on the floor, cover the floor as carpet, and under the couch.
As for me, I have a small wardrobe. That because I want to lose weight and don't want to spend lots of money on a "big" wardrobe. So far that's not working, though.

Isn't a cravat a neck scarf, kind of like what Freddie wore in Scooby Doo? The dividing of stitches might be for the hole to pull the scarf through to keep it on the neck.

Cathy said...

I have clothes in 3 different rooms. So, I guess have enough room... but it would be nice if it could all be organized in one place instead of dressers and closets in 3 different rooms. Oh well... it works!!

Saw you were having this April contest on Ravelry so I thought I'd stop over and check it out! Thanks!

-Etownknitter (on Ravelry)

Kenyetta said...

Oh gosh, I have clothes in the basement, my drawers, the closet, the floor of the closet, need I go on!

Jane said...

No - I don't have enough room for my clothes. I gave up keeping clothes that I will fit back into years ago - but I still keep clothes that I never wear. Maybe this week will be the week that I'll clean out my closets!

cedarstrings said...

Yep, I have plenty of room. Although I have packrat tendencies with books and now the accoutrements of a knitter's life, I've never hoarded clothing. I'm fortunate that my size hasn't changed since college, and my wardrobe (aside from daily uniform of jeans and T-necks) is conservative and tailored. So fortunately, clothing does not overflow its reasonably allotted space. My late DH, though, was another story. His size varied frequently throughout the years, and although he never gave up the non-fitting clothes, each time he went up or down a size, he would replenish everything. And he never felt that he had enough shoes ...

Bubblesknits said...

I typically move the stuff that's too small to the attic room. Because knowing my luck, that's the pair of pants that I'll grab when I'm running late. Then I have to wriggle back out of them and go find something that doesn't cut of the circulation to my legs. lol

smariek said...

No, not enough room for clothes. I still have some still in storage boxes from moving house a little while back coughoneandahalfyearsagocough. I also rotate through "summer" and "winter" clothes; one set is out and the other is put away so to speak. But I suppose there would be more room in my closet if I didn't store YARN there. LOL. I do keep some clothes that no longer fit me, for the hope of fitting in them again someday (not likely).

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