Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday- Aunt Kathy Models "The Bikini", No Fooling

Ok that's really not me... April Fools... But this is...

Ok that isn't either... Got You Again... But I have to tell you that bear still looks better in the bikini then I do, LOL

Yes this is me, NO FOOLING, self photographed, pardon the blurriness, and for your own sanity the top half is all you will ever see, LOL. OH and that is NOT a belly button you see below the top, that is one of the six scars from the bypass surgery. Unfortunately the belly button is much lower then that, quite depressing. In fact if and when I ever get this excess skin removed I probably won't have a belly button anymore. Freaky huh?

Yes everyone April starts up the next MONTH long contest. As usual I will try to keep you entertained yet not make you do a ton of work just to get an entry. I just love to give away stuff, and I'd LOVE for you to get some. Usually all I require is a comment from you daily for your entry. Even if your comment has nothing to do with the contest, it will count. No pressure. I hate pressure, unless it's a massage or back rub. Oh yeah then I LOVE Pressure, LOL
Since today is April Fools Day I thought for your entry today I want you all to answer the following in the comment section:

Leave those answers in the comment section and receive 1,000,000,000 entries in this months contest.

No really if you have a funny April Fools Joke you played or that was played on you and you want to share, GREAT, otherwise just say "HEY I was here" and you'll get that entry.
Well now wasn't that fun???
I am going to try to blog earlier this month since it is a contest month. No promises, this bikini I am wearing around the house might be cutting off oxygen to my brain just a little, LOL
What's the prize this week? Well I'm not telling. Not yet anyway. Soon. Could be tomorrow, could be Friday, could be the weekend, you'll just have to keep coming back to see now won't you? Please come back... and feel free to follow the blog, and tell your friends. I may even have a prize for those blog followers at the end of the month too.
Yikes the computer played a trick on me and published this while I was still typing. So I am going to rush now and close before anyone see's it was published. I need to get ready for church anyway.
Enjoy the day, have a great night, and sweet dreams.


Oriri said...

Aw, man, and I was so about to tell you my weight! ;)

And hey, look at the bright side of the bellybutton issue! If your bellybutton WAS that close to your boobs, your boobs would near tuck in your waistband! (Let's not ask me how I know this, mkay? /wink)

Cat said...

You are just so awesome!!! I absolutely love your sense of humor.

Hugs hon!!!!

SimplyMe said...

it's the incredible shrinking boobage!!!! (and the rest of you, too)

1. 119
2. getting busted by Gary
3. doing 90 in a 55
4. 4970 0000 0000 0000 3/09 936
5 1158 Main St
Maybury, Mn 52763


Natalie Rush said...

You are too funny! Love the you took a picture of yourself in your bikini!! heehehehehehe

April Fools!

Maria said...

the doctor makes u a new belly button when u get the skin off.....a friend of mine had that surgery and got her skin done on top and bottom. He made her a heart shaped belly button, but now it looks like a regular one.... see?? you will have one!!! lookin' good!!!

Wendy said...

I'm here...No fools played on me today. thank God, I do not think I could handle any....Tight as a kite, these days....just so much to do and I am TIRED....
Hope you had a great day.......

leah said...

When hubby and I were dating....he was in 90 miles away in high school....I sent him an I'm so mad at you email....I can't believe what you did email....followed by an April fools email. It worked perfect he read the first email before the second one came....and called me all worried. I thought it was funny!

Claudia said...

You are too funny! And way to go!!!! Bikini, eh? :D

Renna said...

Well, at least you have the nerve to put ON a bikini! I assure you, no picture will ever be made of me in a bikini. ;-Þ

I've been spring cleaning all day, and my brain is fried. No AF jokes come to mind, though I'm sure there were a few over the years.

Marissa said...

I've got one for you. I'm going to be on 'Oprah'. And I'm totally not kidding. Check my blog tomorrow!!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

i absolutely Love your pic in the bikini!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! :D
I almost started typing out my weight etc... till i got to the credit card number ;) haha... good try! ;)
I played a trick on my softball coach by telling her i couldn't play weekends (which is the only time we have games) and if i didn't play, that would mean we wouldn't have a team... haha, i got her good! she about had a heartattack! lol ;)
But, no one tried to get me! lol... whew!! i prolly would've fallen for every single one if they did try to get me! lol... Well off to bed for me... i've got somewhat of a more relaxing day tomorrow but im pooped from my 12+ hour day today! goodnight!! :D

Turtle said...

lol, happy april. we had serious snow falling today, mother natures joke....luckily it did not stick so it was her funny to us!
A client and i played a trick on her hubby today, they both came in for spa services and he was nervous about the paraffin dips...we played a bit of a trick on him involving 3 people. He enjoyed it.

Lil Knitter said...

You too cute! Just wait...that bikini will be too big soon and you'll have to get another one. I'm really proud of you!!

Libby's Library said...

I wish that I could just have a surgeon lop all my excess fat and skin off!
You are a riot.
BTW - I got on the scale today, and got so excited. It said that I had lost another 8 pounds. Then I realize that a part of it was sitting on the grout and not flat on the tile. I even posted my loss on SparkPeople. Bummer - I had actually gone up a pound, but I'm convinced that I'm just retaining water...and if you believe that one...hee-hee.

Unknown said...

You almost had me . . . up until I started reaching for my wallet to find my credit card number . . . DUH.

At my WW meeting, the leader said that our first goal weight should be the weight we have on our driver's license. The one woman blanched and said that she hasn't changed her weight since it was first put on and she weighed 120 pounds. She laughed and then said it would only leave her with about 125 pounds to lose.

Unknown said...

Ha! You are a funny girl. Real weight. Never!!! I'd part with my SS and mother's maiden name first....
Yep, you got me.

I love how gmail has a new joke every April Fool's. Last year it was a way to send messages into the past so you'd actually be answering messages so you wouldn't get in trouble. This year it was the automated responder. You'd have to read the responses to get the joke.

Adam is such a cutie!
Have a great day!!

teabird said...

Excuse me, but did you think you'd get away with stealing my bear and making her wear a bikini?
Expect a knock on your door...

Jane said...

Did you ever think a year ago that you would post even a part of you in a bikini?
We always do the same April's fools joke in 2nd grade. Give them a paper to do with all kinds of crazy things like write the alphabet backwards...but at the top of the page it says read ALL THE DIRECTIONS before you start this paper. The last direction on the paper says ignore all of the directions and DON'T do anything except write your name on the paper. Of course they NEVER read all the directions before they start! Okay - so you would have to be there to get it LOL

Robynn's Ravings said...

Tell them to MAKE you a belly button! They can DO that you know. And you look LOVELY in blue! :)

Unknown said...

I was here and loved the suit photo.

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