Thursday, April 23, 2009


I received another blog award today from Vanessa. I always wonder if I am deserving of these, it makes me feel good to get them but not always sure I live up to the expectations. Now I am not sure but I am probably supposed to forward this on to seven blogs...but I usually don't do that, I just have a hard time picking them out, I LOVE all the blogs I read. So if you are reading this then I feel you are deserving and feel free to snag this award and pass it on to the blogs you love too. If you click on the award it will take you to the blog it originated from to learn more about it.
Here's a little Riddle for you:

This is something I really enjoy
It can be consumed by a girl or a boy
Some like it warmer and some like it cold
We all need this, it's benefits will never grow old
It's free to most but some like to pay
Gallons are wasted almost everyday
On Earth day it's good to remember this drink
Can you guess what it is, tell us what do you think?

Post your answer in the comments section for your contest entry today.
I am still knitting these teeny tiny socks... I think I am almost ready to venture out to a full size pair finally. These are done cuff down, I understand this method. Still want to try toe up and evventually learn the two at once etc. But for now I will be happy just to make an actual pair of socks. Those pink socks are the same size, but one looks a lot bigger in the picture.
I went to the hospital today and saw my cousin who had the same surgery as I did on Tuesday. She looks good, a little sore but good. She might even come home Friday. I parked on one side of the ospital and walked to the other side to get to her room. It felt good to be able to do the walk without oxygen and not losing my breath. The only thing I kept losing was my bra straps. Those darn things won't stay up on my shoulders {{sigh}}
Friday I take my son to therapy again and then Adam comes for the weekend.
Getting ready for bed now, have a great night everyone and sweet dreams, see you all on Friday.


Kenyetta said...

Enjoy Adam this weekend! My bra straps never stay up either!

Renna said...

Water is my drink of preference. I drink mine cold over ice. I fill a glass first thing in the morning, and keep refilling it all through the day. I genuinely enjoy ice-water.

Claudia said...

definitely water.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I LOVE WATER!!!! :D I have about 3 water bottles at all times in my bookbag, one in my purse, and one in my workout bag lol... i never go without water!!! :D
Thank you so much for the stitch markers!! I got them a couple days ago! They're beautiful! whoever made them is talented!! :D
Well, I'm heading to bed... 3 DH's this weekend!! YAY!! :D

smariek said...

Water! (Funny thing is at first, I thought this was one of your rhyme fill-ins)

I consume a lot of water on a daily basis. Good for me, but not so good for my SBSB problem.

SBSB = Small Body Small Bladder

I'm always aware of where public restrooms are located whenever I go out, lol.

Unknown said...

Water . . .

Congratulations to both you and your cousin and for being proactive in how you get your exercise. Every bit helps!

vickie said...

water those little socks r so cute vbarton24 at gmail dot com

SimplyMe said...

The socks are looking really good. Do you think they need a drink of WATER!!!! You're favorite :D Have fun playing with adam today

Anonymous said...

I knew it was water lol I know a day late and a dollar short haa haa ANY WAYS yes you deserve the award and ((hugs)) from me to you keep up all the great blogging :)

hakucho said...

Your riddle was too easy today ;)

Your mini socks are too cute!! Once you try toe up I (think)know you'll find them easier :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Water - cute poem!

Jane said...

That would be water and cute little socks. Funny thing - I can knit big socks but have the hardest time with little ones!

Turtle said...

water! (at first during the beginning i was thinking ice cream but....) another member of the falling strap club!

Unknown said...

I can't believe I didn't visit your blog yesterday! Oh well, it was a fun day for all of us. I love the socks!
You should try and knit a pair in Worsted Weight, even acrylic, to get the hang of it. You can use them as slipper socks when it's cold out. Then you can practice on bigger yarn and still have something wearable, even though those tiny socks are super cute!

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