Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday- Dazed and Confused

Well what a day. It actually started out pretty good. I took my son to an orientation for a place called Job Corp, they will help you get your GED and/or diploma and train you in up to 3 skills and PAY you while you do it. You can even live on site and they will feed you too. OK I am sold. LOL We had to park in the city of Albany on the street, meter parking of course. We found a spot close to where we had to go, and the meter still had 17 min left on it. Thank you Lord. We between the two of us found 4 more quarters to put in, that would buy us one hour and 17 min. We found out we were going to be there for 2 hours. I was a little worried. I found 2 more quarters in the bottom of my purse, so my son went and put those is, still 13 min short though. BUT we ended up getting out of there faster and we actually had 12 min left on the meter when we left.
Next we went to lunch. I haven't been out with just my youngest son in forever. We went to Olive Garden. We pulled in the parking lot and it was PACKED. Looks like everyone wants to go out to lunch on a Thursday afternoon. We only had about an hour before our next appointment so we decided if it was crowded or there was a wait we would just leave. A parking spot opened up just as I entered the parking lot and it was right in front, couldn't have been better if it was a handicapped space. We walked in and there were 10 people sitting, my guess was waiting for seating. We walked up to the greeter guy (what is that official name anyway) he asked us how many? 2 my son said. Just then a seater walked up with menus in his hand and the greeter guy said... "follow him" WOW no wait. The food was delicious, I never even ate my meal. I had some salad and a small piece of the chicken from my sons kebob. I brought my meal home I'll get two meals out of that for sure.
Next we stopped at the lawyers office to discuss options from Joe's car accident in January. He is 23 and walks like he is 63. It's not very good. That appointment went well and soon we were on our way back home.
Home I cleaned the kitchen, checked the mail and got dinner cooked so I could go to support group. I drove myself, another HUGE thing for me, I hate driving in Albany at night. This makes 2 weeks in a row that I did. I am determined to OVERCOME by limitations.
So on the way home I saw a license plate that stumped me...
It says..." GR8NEWFS " sorry it's blurry, pictures through the front windshield don't always work out too well. Anyway your contest mission today is to help me figure out what it's trying to say... I can't figure it out. LOL Post your idea in the comment section and receive an entry for Thursday in the contest. Post a comment even if you are confused like me, we can stick together, LOL
No knitting or reading today but I did do a lot of walking. I think bed time is in order now. Have an early day tomorrow and then Adam will be here.
Have a great sleep, sweet dreams.


Renna said...

Maybe they were a knitter, and the plate meant Great News Fun Socks. ;-Þ Seriously, I have no idea. Great News For Sure. Who knows?

Robynn's Ravings said...

Great Newfs? As in Great Newfoundlands, the dog breed? Maybe they have them and love them? These things always drive me crazy. SO happy for you about how God opened your doors for you today. Hope all works out with your son. My sister was in job corps for awhile as a teen.

And YAY! for you for driving yourself at night! There is such power in overcoming!

Twocans said...

Yes, that is what I thought--the dogs.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Great News For Sure:)Because you have accomplished alot.(((((Hugging You))))) Darcy

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I agree with Darcy lol... except I'd say it a bit different... "Great News Fo Sho!" ;) lol... sounds like a fun day with your son!! :D

Libby's Library said...

I immediately thought that is stood for Great Newfs (Newfoundlands, but that's cause I'm a dog lover, and would love to own one of these!

Sounds like you had a very productive day...and I'm so impressed with your self control at Olive Garden. My daughter is a Hostess at an OG out in Colorado. My fave is the Pasta Fagiole with Salad and Breadsticks...and I always order some alfredo dipping sauce. That's why you're losing and I'm not'-(

magnoliasntea said...

I haven't been to Olive Garden in a few years. I love that place. _
Next time call me, okay? I coulda been there in 10, 12 hours..giggles.

Hope your son does well in JC and gets a decent settlement from accident, too.

Unknown said...

Hm, I think it says great newfs.
LIke the others before, the dogs?

Sounds like an eventful day for you.
Hope your son gets better and can get good medical care!

Kenyetta said...

I concur- great news for sure!

Trudy said...

Was it the type of car--and "FS" something or other?? I don't know!! But you had a very busy day and I salute you for driving to all those places--it's wonderful!

Claudia said...

I guess it's either the dog or they're from Newfoundland and they think that they are, indeed, Great Newfs! LOL

Jane said...

Okay - I'm posting this before I look at the other commenbts - Great News For Sure. Now I'll go back and see what everyone else said. Sounds like you had a great day - and you deserve it!
P.S. Could you send me that leftover Olive Garden dinnerA?)

Robin said...

My first thought is "Great News For Salvation"!

Cat said...

Hmm Great New Front Seat? Freat New Ford Sedan? Great New For Sale? Nahh I have to agree with the above and Great Newfies meaning the dog.


Unknown said...

Ok I'll guess something a bit different. It might be saying that this is his
Great new wife's car?????

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