Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday- Brush It Off Man, Brush it Off

Ahh today was a busy busy day. Out early to take Joe to physical therapy, a 90 minute shopping spree for groceries at the Walmart super center, then home yo unload everything, and off to get Adam. Why Adam you ask? It's NOT Friday is it? Nope Adam had an appointment and I was the taxi. Can you guess where I took him?
Yep to the dentist. The part about this visit though has me baffled. He has a cavity, a HUGE cavity in is front top tooth. Apparently it's too big to fill it. They want to do a ROOT CANAL!!! I was shocked, a root canal on a baby tooth? I never heard of that being done. Seems like a lot of pain for a 4 year old to endure for a tooth that will fall out in less then 2 years.
Have you ever had a root canal? Would you allow your 4 year old child to have one? Any and all comments are appreciated today. And any comment will still get you that entry today as well. it's a win win for us all, LOL
Back to the busy day... After the dentist Adam asked, OK BEGGED, to come to Nana's house. He has no school this week, how could I say NO? So Adam is here, and finally sleeping for the night. Of course we had to get chicken and fries on the way to Nana's house. He has me wrapped around his little finger that boy.
I had to leave him with his daddy and Uncle Jim so I could go to support group so I was back out of the house again until 8PM.
Remembered on my way home I needed a couple things I forgot at Walmart so I stopped at the local pharmacy. Came home and tried to eat my first meal of the day. The verdict is still out on if it will be a good choice.
Now I feel like I have been run over by a Mack Truck, I know I need to get up and brush it off. Easier said then done, huh?
Have a great night everyone, sweet dreams.


Awesome Mom said...

Wow a root canal sounds a bit much. Evan has had several crowns put in his mouth but he also threw up a lot as a baby so his teeth were more susceptible to cavities in the first place. It was so irritating having the dental students (we ended up going to a dental school so that he could get knocked out for the procedures) giving me lectures on how to take care of teeth. I was like duh I know that they need to be brushed, it was not like I was giving him soda in a bottle or anything like that.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I've had 5 root canals and they aren't fun and they don't always work well AND they are EXPENSIVE. I would tell them to pull the tooth before I'd go to the expense. (Unless it was a front tooth and he'd be toothless for several years.) But that's just me. Maybe y'all have better insurance than we do. For what it's worth.

Unknown said...

Not a chance. I had more than my share of root canals and there is just no way I would go to that expense and pain for a tooth that is coming out anyway. Get a second opinion.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I would feel like I was run over too if I had had your day.

Unknown said...

I've never had a root canal. I don't plan on getting one either. I think dentures would be way easier, LOL!
I'd get a second opinion about the root canal. The thing that comes to mind is: insurance $$. Why do a root canal on a 4 yr old? Well, maybe the cavity will go up into the root, affecting his adult teeth...but I'm not a dentist, so I'm just talking here.

Hope you have a great day!!

Claudia said...

I never had one. Hubz has had one, though. He didn't think it was a big deal. *shrug* I have no idea about children. I'd never heard of it before being done on kids.

Renna said...

I've never had a route canal, so I really can't comment. I would be asking the dentist, though, if having the procedure or not having it will have any effect at all on Adam's future, permanent teeth which will come in there.

If it won't have an effect on future, permanent teeth, then I can't see the reason for getting it...other than to pad the dentist's pocket. Ithink it might not be a bad idea to call around to other dentists and get 2nd or even 3rd opinions.

smariek said...

I've never had a root canal. Seems a bit much for a 4 yr old and possibly an unnecessary expense if the tooth is going to come out on its own in a year or so. Have noticed a trend lately with people doing anything to make a few extra bucks. Side effect of the economy no doubt.

cedar said...

I would get a second opinion, but yes, I would have the root canal done, and soon. I have had a couple of root canals and there is no pain because the tooth is dead ... it is uncomfortable, of course, but as soon as you leave the dentist's office the discomfort abates.
The reason for filling baby teeth, or capping baby teeth or doing any other procedure is that the baby teeth preserve the health and function of the mouth until such time as the permanent teeth get into their appointed places. If the permanent teeth emerge in such a way to suggest the need for orthodontia, believe it or not, that can begin as soon as six or seven, on two or three teeth at a time, and if caught early, can be a shorter and easier process than waiting until age fourteen.
With a cavity in the front teeth, I would recommend an end to juice and milk (both are high in sugars), and replace those items with cheese and real fruit. Also, a proper dental consultation would reveal bad habits like mouth breathing, etc., which might suggest a visit to pediatrician to correct.
By the way, I am uninsured; if I needed to get this kind of dental care for my family, we would have to scrape to pay for it. But remember, your mouth is the first part of the digestive process, and you'll have your smile forever. Hope this helps ...

Maria said...

I would get a second opinion, talk to an endodontist, and I agree with Cedar above....

Unknown said...

wow no way would I have my young child go thru a root canal. and the cost is too much even for me to do. sheesh. pull out the little tooth and in no time it will grow back nice and healthy!!

Susan said...

My youngest had a root canal when he was about that age and believe me it is nothing like what an adult has. It wasn't much more than a filling because the roots are so tiny. Hope that makes you feel better about it.

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