Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday, the Thunder Rolls

Well Adam was so excited to get in the pool today. He first mastered getting the goggles on all by himself. Of course he left them in the house so he never used them.

Why is Adam here on a Tuesday? Well his mom decided to paint the living room today. Yeah I wondered about painting in the house on a 100 degree hot humid day, but what do I know anyway? Turns out they house is practically unlivable tonight so Adam is staying the night as well.

Anyway back to the pool... Saturday was Adam's first time in the pool this year and he was cautious. Today he has turned into a fish, He was swimming under water and loving it. He keeps saying..." I am a good swimmer" "I am a good diver" "I am OK" yeah he was fun today. We swam for about 5 hours. Yes I am still sunburned, yes it still hurts, yes it's starting to peel.

The thunder and lightning started about 9pm. It knocked out the Internet for a while, I was afraid I wouldn't get to blog. But it's all good.

I am extremely tired and think I will go to bed early tonight, if you can call 11:30 early. LOL

For those of you praying for warmer sunnier weather, YOU BET my home is your home. Come on down. Or up whatever.

Will check in again tomorrow.

Job 28:26 When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder:


Katie O said...

Sounds like you had fun... weather has finally gotten better here... the cold front passed by and it was 75 and sunny today... no humidity... it was gorgeous! I loved it!

Turtle said...

sounds like a lot of fun! they say we may be out of the 50's soon! (please!!!) hopefully the pool will be used today!

Mary Ann said...

I want to go in the pool! We got bad thunderstorms here yesterday. Areas south of us got really bad storms and tornado warnings. Right now the sun is out, but we're supposed to get rain tonight.

My granddaughter is in the hospital to have the baby today!! I'm waiting to hear that he's been born! His name will be Dominik Julien Ivey! My first great grandchild! How cool!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Adam is just having a blast LOL and I bet you are too having him there.


Lil Knitter said...

Amazing how fast they pick things up. Glad you're having fun and keeping cool.

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