Saturday, June 28, 2008

So It's Saturday and this is how it started...

This is how my morning started, I woke up to the sleeping angel in my bed with me.

Shortly after that he discovered where I had the flashlight hidden and we had to play with it.

Of course the television had his attention most of the morning. Can we all sing a NOGGIN song?

Later after the pool we had Music time. Loud, out of tune and absolutely FUN. Right Shelly? You heard part of the concert. LOL Can you see his T-shirt? It's Led Zepplin... who makes Led Zepplin shirts for toddlers? I for sure didn't buy this, crazy huh?

We did make it to the pool. I was going to bring the camera but I am glad I thought better of it. Since I managed to drown yet another telephone this week.

Yes you heard me correctly I have destroyed two of our four handsets phones. The first one was a couple days ago, I had it out of the pool and for some reason when I stood up to get out I leaned on the side, HUGE mistake, and a giant wave of water filled the little tub I had the phone safely resting in. I tried to rescue it and thought it worked still but NO it's gone.

Then today I had one of the other handsets attached to my bathing suit. I planned on putting it in that safe tub but wanted to wait until Adam was in so he wouldn't splash water into it. So I climb in the pool and start skimming out the bugs and leaves. I lift Adam in and we are set to go.

BUT where is the phone? I don't remember it falling off, I didn't hear a splash, maybe it fell outside the pool when I lifted Adam in. Nope. Hmm was it inside my bathing suit? OK I would have felt it but I was desperate. I couldn't have sunk another phone. It just couldn't be true.

Now I am walking around the pool looking in the water and I can't see it anywhere. Oh thank you Lord it must be on the grass somewhere. Maybe I never brought it out? Could I have left it in the house? I sit down in the pool and think. NO NO NO I know I had the phone. I stand up now and look again and OH NO there it is sunk to the bottom. It's ruined. {{{SIGH}}}

All I can say is thank God I didn't bring the camera. My son would have killed me as it is his.

Adam has gone home now, he didn't want to. I think he'd live here if his mom would let him.

Church tomorrow so I am going to bed. After all the craziness today I need my beauty sleep.
Hope your day was calmer but full of fun too.



Jane said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! is nice to be able to send them home at the end of it, isn't it? LOL

Jill L said...

LOL! Sounds like fun and it brong back memories of when my boys were little

Lil Knitter said...

Okay, we're gonna have to find you a waterproof phone. lol
Adam looks like he's grown so much in the photos...what Noggin song are we singing? I probably know it. lol

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