Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday- Dog Tired

Yep that picture says it all. LOL.

LONG Day for me. Two Dr appointments and a visit to my old office where I worked. It was actually a good day. I got in a lot of exercise, walking and stair climbing. I almost missed my second appointment because the clock in the office was slow by 26 minutes. I didn't have my cell phone to call the Dr to say I was on my way so i just drove there and got in as fast as I could. They had me marked down as a no show and the Dr passed me in the hall, he was going to get his stuff and leave for lunch. He saw me and asked my name and I was able to get the appointment after all even being 30 minutes late. The funny thing was I was just killing time to go there as my first appt was done at 10am and the 2nd didn't start until 11:30. That's why I went to visit my old boss. Who would have guessed his clock would be wrong, lol. Only in my world.

After I came home I decided to go lounge in the pool. I have to wear a short over my suit now to help prevent the sunburn problem. Well my shirt was hanging over the fence. My son got it for me and I made him shake it out to free it from any bugs that thought they had found a new home. I went to put it on and just in time I saw the pincher bug (earwig) waiting there inside for me. YIKES. I threw the shirt on the floor and the bug disappeared. Who wants to bet it finds me in my sleep tonight? Well it will have to wait in line behind the kamakazee flies and the king spiders that torture me on a regular basis.

The water was cold and the sun kept hiding behind the thick black clouds floating around but it was still relaxing. Until certain unmentionable parts of my body were getting so cold it was painful. I figured it was time to get out.

Cable got here right at dinnertime, I am sure they planned that. But now I have Internet again. Thank you RUTH for posting for me so I didn't miss a day of blogging.

Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up on what you all have been blogging about. Tonight I am going to bed.

Sweet Dreams


Wendy said...

so glad you are back....That was so very nice of the doctor to see you..I hate when clocks are wrong. Most of mine in the house are 5 minutes fast, so that Jack gets on the ball, otherwise he is a last minute person and that drives me crazy to.. BIG HIGS>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Wow it does sound like you had a busy day. I can see how you are dog tired, I got tired just reading it ;-)

I'm glad your Inet connection is back.


Lil Knitter said...

Glad you're back online...that's torture enough without the critters. We have our fair share here and then some.
Hope you get lots of rest.

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