Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Made It!!

Well technically Monday is over and done with but I am still blogging anyway. You know I have to.

Can you believe after my blog dedication to my dad yesterday I fell asleep before I called him to wish him a happy father's day? Yeah that 3 hour time difference gets me every time. Anyway I called him tonight and we had a nice talk, almost 2 hours. I really miss my dad, wonder why I don't call more often?

Today I went to the Dr's. I am looking into options for losing this weight. It looks like surgery might be the option best for me. I have a series of tests to complete before we know for sure... Cardiologist, Psychologist, Nutritionist, GYN and Mammogram, Seminars and many other things. But the wheels are in motion and we will just have to see how it goes.

I was happy to see I have lost 5 pounds since I saw my primary Dr 10 days ago when I had the sinus infection. Of course I might have lost that just trying to find the Dr's office today. Albany Medical College is HUGE and we got lost and I had to walk for almost 30 minutes. I did it though, that a miracle in itself.

Well we had some big storms today, hail the size of quarters, wind and rain. I actually love a good thunder storm. They don't scare me at all. Now my niece Hannah, well that's a different story. She got so worked up over the storms she threw up on my moms couch. Crazy kid.

Speaking of Hannah I have tried to teach her knitting and crocheting and she does Ok but not great. Well she wanted to try the plastic canvas and really got the hang of that pretty fast.

And finally here is my secret project... It's a dual purpose Kleenex box holder. Really now how many time have you been sick in bed or on the couch and blowing your nose and just have no place to put those used tissues? Well here is your answer... this actually holds two boxes of Kleenex, one empty and one full. You use a tissue and put the used piece in the empty box. When the full box in empty, the empty box s/b full. Remove the box of used tissues and replace it with a new one and you are ready to go again. Here's a picture... I didn't put words on them but I was thinking maybe letters that said "ACHEW" or GOD BLESS YOU" etc. On the sides would be fun. So what do you all think?

I thought about making a side door that latches with Velcro to hide the boxes all together.
Can you see how one side is for garbage?

Any ideas on a name for this invention?

It's late and I am off to bed.
Nite everyone.



Wendy said...

I just ove the invention...oh I so know about finding a spot for the used, I end up with a pile of them in my table or nightstand.
I am not too fond of storms, but since I have had kids, I try not to show it...they are afraid of noises as it is, and freak when I get the vacuum, weed whip, lawn mower, etc. out...
Scarlet over at Scarlets Yarn Barn (on my side bar) Had Gastric bypass surgery in November and her husband also...I am sure if you contact her she would tell you all about her experience.
Hope you have a great day.
BIG HUGS....(Thanks you so much for the prayer)

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best with figuring out what is best in losing weight. I love that invention, I so know what you mean about not having somewhere to throw them out. When I get a cold or whatever, I always have a box of tissues and a plastic bag trailing me LOL.


hakucho said...

Very clever invention :)

Katie O said...

Wow!!! that is awesome! what a great idea... you gonna do those for etsy?? that is so ingenious! WHy didn't I think of it!!?? Great thinkin'!! The race was super fun... go JR!

Lil Knitter said...

That is a totally cool I could seriously use. Now I have to learn plastic canvas! When will I have time to do that too!? Seriously though, I love that...very smart thinking.
Don't feel bad...I called my Dad on Monday too and told him to send me my "Worst Daughter" award for being late. lol


sailorcross said...

This is a great invention!! I know that when my daughter is sick (which she has just been--in the hospital) that she has tissues all over the place!! Just can't seem to make them get into the waste basket!!

I love thunderstorms, too--in fact, one if brewing right now and I can't wait!!

I joined the Paperback Swap--already had two books requested and one on the way to me!!

I'm going to try to locate some other books that I have stashed away (I have stashes of books, stashes of yarn, stashes of patterns--beginning to see the picture!!) and list them, too!!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!!


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