Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Maddness

Well for goodness sakes, here I am anxious to blog about the HAIRCUT and blogger is DOWN. How can that be? What's a blogger supposed to do with that maddness?

Let's start off with 22 months of un cut hair... Yes that is GRAY, I know pathetic

So I did some other computer stuff, reading emails, posting on Weight Watchers, map questing for my son Jim who was lost trying to find the courthouse for jury duty. Which after driving for a hour at $4.00 a gallon for gas, $8.00 in parking for 20 minutes tops, only to find out that he was there on the wrong day, he isn't scheduled until the 16th. Yeah he is my son. There is MURPHY blood in him.

I got my new oxygen machine yesterday afternoon about 3:30. Apparently he had three other emergency stops on his way to me and that's why he was so late. It's all good now though and I am breathing once more, well as good as you can with this cold thingy. In fact I am pretty sure I need to call the Dr about it today, it's turning a yucky color and by golly I can't afford all this Kleenex. However I do have a plan for a new creation that involves Kleenex boxes and maybe this week I can actually make them. Shelly I know you know what they are so shush I want them to be a surprise if I do get them finished.

OK I did it, I felted yesterday. I had two different yarns I used. One was Lambs Pride Worsted in Victorian Pink and the other was the Patons Classic Wool Merino in That's Pink and Leaf green. The Patons felted faster, I think I still need to felt the Lamb's pride a little more as I can still see stitches. But they both are great. I suppose you want to see some before and after pictures. Remember the light pink still needs a little more felting.

Peruvia Roses

Heart shaped bowl is my own pattern


Hmm what else? Oh Yes CONTEST WINNER, are you ready? My trusty Random Generator chose Sailorcross aka Beth as the winner. CONGRATULATIONS Beth, I just need your mailing info, you can email it to me on AOL or Ravelry OK?

Adam was such a good boy this weekend it nearly broke my heart sending him home last night. He clearly wanted to stay here, perhaps if he didn't have school today I would have let him. He left here with tears falling, both his and mine.

Have I stalled enough? I guess you are wanting to see the hair cut already? Or maybe not, should I wait and save it for tomorrow? Ok, I'll show you. Here is the back view.

And here is the new me.

Have a wonderful day.


2Cr 5:17 Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.


sailorcross said...

I won!?! I can't believe it!! I've never won anything in my entire life!! I'm so excited!!

I'll e-mail you my address, okay??

And I love the new look--very nice!! It will be a lot cooler on these hot summer days!!

Thanks again for the prize--I just can't believe it!!

Your felting turned out very nicely--it was pretty easy, wasn't it?

Maybe you can have Adam visit more in the summer when school's out. I'm sure he enjoys being there with you.

Thanks again so much!!


teabird said...

Hey, long grey hair is lovely! (Ahem. Guess what's growing out of my head down to my waist....)

We even have a Ravelry group for grey-hairs!

Seriously, your new haircut looks lovely. Nice, healthy hair!

Mary Ann said...

Congradulations Beth!

Love the haircut! That will be so much cooler for the summer!

I hope you're not catching another cold. Please take care of yourself.

I've been knitting my test fingerless mitt today. Got it finished!

Feel better, and maybe call the dr.

Lil Knitter said...

Your hair looks so good!! Now, aren't you glad you did that? I really need to go get mine cut some for the much cooler without all that length.
Love your felting projects too. Those roses are nice.
Don't put off calling the Dr.
We don't want you getting down again.

Anonymous said...

That haircut looks awesome on you!! OMG I love the felted flowers and the heart, I just love them. OMG they really are wonderful.


Katie O said...

Love the new look and the felting came out beautifully!!! I love felting... so satisfying!! I hope you enjoy the new haircut... looks beautiful and will be easier to take care of! And you were nervous when I was out to see you!!

Wendy said...

I just love the new do...Ummm well lets see here, I will be 41 this November and I am almost completely grey...I started going grey when I was 12....and at 13 my mom started letting me color it, after almost 30 years of coloring it I REFUSE to do so anymore, I have not colored my hair in probably 7 months...Jack hates it, but at last it is a nice silvery grey....and my hair is so much helathier..
I hope you enjoyed the felting,....I love them...


sailorcross said...

I just wanted to thank you for the very wonderful prayer you left on my blog. This brought tears to my eyes, on a day when I said I wasn't going to cry. But, it's okay--not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Because I do know that Jesus is enough, and He will see me through anything. With Him at my side, everything is possible.

Thank you for your prayers. And thank you God for giving me peace in the midst of this storm.

When I come through this storm and out to the other side, God will reveal HIS plans and purpose for this. And HIS ways are so much higher than mine.

Check back with you later!!


Turtle said...

the haircut looks great and love the felting!, hey i resemble that remark! smile

Anonymous said...

Great Haircut.
I too cut my long hair last August and haven't gone back.
Too easy to keep short and way more cool than all that unhealthy hair.
Keep up the good work.

hakucho said...

See did great with the felting. The roses and heart basket are gorgeous!!

I bet you feel like a new person with your haircut :) It's good to get a change now and then :)

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