Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday- Walk it out, Work it out, What?

Hello, how is everyone today? I have had another busy day. Mostly on the phone but good news is I have all my necessary appointments scheduled and starting next week I am going to no longer be a housebound hermit.

I was looking at the pictures on the camera and I saw I had this picture of a painting Adam did at school. Isn't it great? I was thinking maybe I can knit a cloth to match it, wouldn't that be fun?

I have been sewing some squares together for VJG gang, these were made by my friend Mary, I have never seen this pattern before but I LOVE it. She made 4 solid colors (white, red, blue and yellow) and a variegated that has all those colors and a few more. This is going to look awesome for sure. I should have it finished tomorrow morning and I will post it on tomorrows blog.

I went to church tonight and ended up walking much further then normal. Started off when I didn't have my handicapped sticker and the parking lot was full, then we were in a different section of the building, actually a whole different building (we rent space in case you couldn't tell) so more walking. Then of course repeat the process to get back to the car. Then after parking the car in the garage I walked down the long driveway to get in the house. Yep got in my exercise today.

I designed a new pattern today, I need to test knit it still. I also am thinking of making it into an illusion cloth as well. I have never done that but am anxious to give it a try. Hopefully this will be tomorrows project.

Nothing else is really new here. I am tired and my brain is still swimming with all that's transpired this week.

See you all tomorrow.


SimplyMe said...

Me thinks Adam has a bit of his Uncle Jimmy's artistic flair (and his nana's too, but ykwim)

Wendy said...

That would be a great cloth....So glad you have all your appointments set up...I still have to get with the neurologist for William. I should really do that tomorrow since the first available was for the end of September, but maybe I will wait and see what comes of the CT scan, so that if he needs to be seen sooner, the doctor can let them know...
Hope you had a great day today........
BIG HUGS.......

Anonymous said...

That definitely would be a really nice cloth. I also like the ones that Mary did. Are they crochet?


Mary Ann said...

Good luck with your designing! That's something I don't have a talent for that I know of anyway!

I'm happy to hear that you are going to be less homebound! What great news!

My ydd finally got a job! She'll be working the 4-12 shift which is what she wanted! Now she'll be able to make her truck payment and get caught up! Then it's off to college! Yipee!!

Hope you have a great day! (sorry, but the picture of Adam was black on my computer. Don't know if it's your site or my computer. I have problems with pics being dark on mine, so it's probably me.)

Lil Knitter said...

I like Adam's artwork. I love to hang the kids' drawings all over the house.
I've seen a square like that but it was knitted...can't remember where I saw it. :P

hakucho said...

Yes, definitely yes...Adam's artwork would make a wonderful cloth design :)

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