Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, Yeah I am a Lobster

Yeah I need some serious aloe gel, LOL. It's so hot here, I was only in the pool a couple hours and there was a nice breeze and I hardly felt hot at all, until now.

I expect it's gonna be a long night.

More tomorrow if I can move.


2Cr 11:29 Who is weak, and I am not weak? who is offended, and I burn not?


Katie O said...

Hope you feel better... I know the feeling... I burn so easy. It is so damn miserable... I wish you the best and speedy recovery!

sailorcross said...

Awww--sunburn hurts so much!!

Hope you're feeling better today!!


Turtle said...

ouch! ok i know it will sound weird but grated potato will take the tightness and sting away, something to do with the starch. Witch hazel can also help with the sting. and if using a cool compress on the burn use a thin t shirt instead of a washcloth. yes aloe is supurb as well. (years in hawaii with pale irish family members!)

Mary Ann said...

Oh you poor thing! Witch hazel does work and so does vinegar! If all else fails keep cool compress on yourself.

We're having thunderstorms this afternoon. I got home from my lunch with the Red Hats just in time today!

I've had to deal with sunburn a lot with Becca and cheerleading. It's no fun.

Darcie said...

I hate to be the lone voice of descent here, but I am having a bit of trouble feeling sorry for you. : ) We are supposed to have a big high of 7 Celcius (that is... uummm... let's see... 44 F)! It is supposedly June, for pity sake!
Can I come to your house??

Jane said...

I've never had a tan in my life - just the boiled lobster look!

Lil Knitter said...

Oh no...been there, done that. Do we need to send you some sunscreen?
Get some aloe vera...pure aloe vera not that perfumed up lotion stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh AK {{{}}} gently so not to hurt your burn. Remember vinegar will help.


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